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  • dicoll3000
    Mar 7, 2013
      Thanks for this clarification Ernie.

      Very interesting.


      --- In CanadianAtheist@yahoogroups.com, Ernie Schreiber <eunacom@...> wrote:
      > A comment from Ernie Schreiber:
      > I read a lot of mistaken and outright false comments on historic facts in the exchange between religiosity and atheism in the postings on this site. I had the dubious "fortune" to be born in 1929 in Nuremberg, Germany (Die Stadt der Reichsparteitage or "City of Party Conventions of the Reich"). I grew up during the rule of the Nazi regime and was also a member of the Hitler Youth ("drafted" into it and not by choice) as was Sepp Ratzinger. Atheism was outlawed by the Hitler regime and atheists were harassed by the authorities. Hitler actually promoted himself as a fulfiller of the Jesus of Nazareth (he called him the "Great Nazarene") command to exterminate all Jews. Many people are ignorant of these facts but I lived there and I experienced it. In some of his speeches Hitler actually stated that religion is very important and atheists cannot be trusted. Then, to call the Nazi regime atheistic is not only a falsification of the facts but an outright lie that runs counter to the facts. There may well have been atheistic undercurrents in Nazi Germany, but they were never supported by the authorities.
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