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  • dicoll3000
    Mar 6, 2013
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      Personally I prefer to read discussions between Atheists and Non-Atheist as opposed to no discussions at all.

      David has his views and I profoundly disagree with him but at least he is polite and his ideas challenge us into re-examining our own viewpoints.

      If you don't have a discussion with a Theist once in a while, your debating skills get rusty.


      --- In CanadianAtheist@yahoogroups.com, "Charles" <gee512@...> wrote:
      > "david danel" bulbjerg wrote:
      > " BY THE WAY, the history showed already that homo sapiens somehow needs religion (of any kind) anyway. Once people tried to cut off links to organized religion (French Revolution, communist societies, nazi communities) they easily, and with even more disastrous results, adopt other destructive types of cults and then even atheism becomes a monstrous cult, sect, brain-washing system deforming science, culture and history. Sad, sad, sad. "
      > This is your way of interpreting history. I see this as evidence that many people have been and can still be using a set of memes based on the deity concept as it saves them a lot of mental effort.
      > I do take some exception to a Canadian Atheist Yahoo group being used to proselytise for the theistic point of view. If "david daneel" wants to continue his self appointed mission there are far more productive places he could make use of.
      > I resist the temptation to list the horrors that so called religion has perpetrated on humanity, suffice it to say that much of what the world is trying to deal with today has its origin in the religious lies so widely disseminated over the centuries.
      > One full on unabashed red neck Atheist
      > Charles Gee
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