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4802Re: [CanadianAtheist] Re: A Vatican Spring?

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  • david danel
    Mar 6, 2013
      Dear Jono,
      if you read a piece of history, you should read it in the context. Scandinavian countries owe their good status today, good economy, good law and social system, good state of human rights thanks to the several centuries long tradition of protestantism which taught people ethics values and the balance between values and freedom. The fact that some 83% of Swedish say "religion is not important to them" doesn't make them atheism. Speaking to people there you would find only minority of them considering themselves atheist.The communities there pay a deep respect to their religious communities. The best advice is to visit the countries.
      Scandinavian countries are best examples of a healthy development of the Church, the State, the Educational System etc. etc. They never had communism nor raw and wild capitalism thanks to their deep Christian roots. 
      Denouncing the role of Christianity in our culture and history will not lead anywhere. Understanding will. Mature atheists know. Radical "new atheists" are usually blind in this respect and so are weakening themselves and their position.
      peace and respect, Jon,

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      > and BY THE WAY, the history showed already that homo sapiens somehow

      > needs religion (of any kind) anyway. Once people tried to cut off

      > links to organized religion (French Revolution, communist societies,

      > nazi communities) they easily, and with even more disastrous

      > results, adopt other destructive types of cults and then even

      > atheism becomes a monstrous cult, sect, brain-washing system

      > deforming science, culture and history. Sad, sad, sad.

      The opposite is in fact true:


      Where is religion "most important" to people? In some of the most awful places to live on earth, war-torn countries where human rights are not even a blip on the radar.

      Meanwhile, in Sweden where 83% say religion is not important to them, human rights are respected as well as anywhere on earth. Same with Denmark, Norway - there are plenty of examples of largely atheist societies that have not devolved into "other destructive types of cults".


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