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    Dear Don, Thanks for your email, which I received today. Although I have only been registered with you for a relatively short time this is the first response
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      Dear Don,
      Thanks for your email, which I received today.  Although I have only been registered with you for a relatively short time this is the first response that I have had to help me to discover my heritage.  The main reason that I initially registered with you was because I discovered in 2001 that my biological father was named James Campbell, that he served in the Royal Australian Navy and was docked in Plymouth ( my birthplace ) between September, 1952 and March, 1953, he was aged 46 at the time of his departure overseas and that my mother was three months pregnant with me when he left.  I only obtained these details with great difficulty from my mother in 2001 after 46 years or so of being lied to by her regarding my heritage.
      These are the only things that I know about him and since then my mother has died and is, obviously, unable to supply me with any other details regarding him.  The main reason that I want to trace him ( and his heirs ) is to establish my right to obtain Australian Citizenship by Descent, which is the only way that I can claim citizenship of your / our country.  As I say, this is the only way that I can claim Australian citizenship because of the fact that neither my father's name nor nationality is shown on my birth certificate ( both boxes are struck through on this form ) and my only means of establishing this right is to have comparative DNA testing with a 'blood' relative of mine in Australia, i.e. one of James Campbell's other children ( if he has any, of course ) or another relative of his.
      In closing, I honestly don't know whether or not the James Campbell mentioned in Peter Campbell's email is an ancestor of mine / ours.  I don't even know which part of Australia my own father hails from.  As you can imagine this is a difficult enough task for anyone in the UK to undertake to find their blood relatives in this country but with there being such a huge distance between the UK and Australia my task is even more difficult.  Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated as I have wanted to claim citizenship of Australia for more than ten years and have been stopped and frustrated by this for far too long.
      Best wishes to you all in my other homeland.
      Neil James Campbell
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      Subject: [CampbellsAustralia] Ballarat Campbell's

      Re-Forwarded on behalf of a new member of the Group, Peter Campbell...


      Don Johnston



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      I'm replying to this really old post I stumbled across... James Campbell (1845-1893) was my great-grandfather.  See also http://brightoncemetery.com/HistoricInterments/150Names/campbellj.htm

      Regards - Peter Campbell.


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      Re-Posting Raymond Henderson's, off list query to me, please feel free to reply direct to Raymond, or to the Group and I'll forward it on.  Ray is the Moderator of the Rootsweb "Melbounre" list and a friend of mine.

      Best Wishes




      Do you know anything about a James Campbell who was in Ballarat and connected to the stockade thingo? Ray.



      Not off the top of my head, bear in mind that Campbell was not an uncommon surname [GGggrrrrr] and James as a christian name, I won't go into that, certainly in my Campbell line there were James Campbell's in every generation, in fact my youngest [well he's in his late twenties now] son's name is Campbell James Johnston.... Do you have any more details Ray ??.  I'll re-post your query to the Campbells in Australia Group, maybe, just maybe some may have a link ??

      Best Wishes



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