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Re: [CampbellsAustralia] Re Upcoming [AU] 2011 Australian Census

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  • dean campbell
    Thanks Don, Thats a great idea. Ill be doing this and will get all my Family to do it! Good one! RegardsĀ  Dean ... From: Don Johnston
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      Thanks Don,

      Thats a great idea. Ill be doing this and will get all my Family to do it!

      Good one!



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      Hi All:


      Just saw a post similar to this and thought it'd be a good idea to pass it on:



      Could I make a bold suggestion to you all??  Given it is the Australian Census coming up in a few weeks - for the sake of posterity and research ease for our descendents - would you/could you consider making a copy of YOUR census (anyway you can - photo, scan, photocopy) and keep it in your files for privacy.  (I got the idea from a UK list when they had their census last year!)


      Given the UK Census' are only released every 100yrs and I personally have not seen any Australian Census' - I am guessing that now that we can tick the box for it to be digitally recorded - it will still take 100yrs to be available.


      Naturally - your copy and your information on your census is not for public viewing - but in 30 or so more years - your descendents may be glad of the option to see it in your keepsake box!


      Just a thought!! I will be keeping a copy of mine!


      You have the option when you are receiving your census forms to receive a paper form or only e-census envelope. You need to make sure you ask for a census form and you will also receive a e-census envelope - so to preserve your census form - you fill out the form on census night and also go online and complete your census.  That way you get to keep the completed census form, your census is recorded as being completed - and you should not see the census collector again!


      I did this last census 5years ago..filed away for posterity.


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