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Re Spam Email

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  • Don Johnston
    It appears that the email address of Gloria Cross [shiram02@hotmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2010

      It appears that the email address of Gloria Cross [shiram02@...] has been compromised, please understand that the Yahoo Group’s address has not been entered nor compromised.


      If anyone uses Hotmail as their primary address they WILL always be at risk of attack, and experiencing over years the non-security of the hotmail system there’s every reason that your hotmail address is attacked and harvested.


      In the interests of non-receipt of spam I’ve un-subbed this address and sent a c:c of this email to Gloria should she wish to re-sub.


      As reassurance and from memory this is only the second spam to get through to the Group in 9 years, I reckon you can’t get any better than that however I will revert the email input back to “Moderated” control, so that any incoming email will have to be approved prior to being received you yourselves.




      Group Moderator


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