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  • don johnston
    Wow Fran, that was quick, thanks so much for your nice words its gave me a smile on my dial. Your Death Certificate copy was a welcome surprise, isn t it
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 13, 2004
      Wow Fran, that was quick, thanks so much for your nice words its gave me a smile on my dial.  Your Death Certificate copy was a welcome surprise, isn't it strange and ironic that you touched base with Gill, in Adelaide, she photocopied it for me and then sent it to me in Cheltenham, I've been working up in Brisbane and received it when I came home, from Gill and of course devoured it, even though I knew about him I was rapt that I had more documented and confirmed information - For that I thank you very much.
      I'll upload my stuff asap, you never ever know but I do have to tell you that after zillions of years researching our Johnston's and Campbell's that you are the first to share our ancestors info [I'm sorry that we haven't been able to light up your star !!], Fran it will happen though, somewhere, sometime someone will go "Zing" Gotcha.....and what a sensational feeling that will be eh ??.
      I think I will be doing some work in Mt Gambier in the near future, can I call into Portland and look at anything for you ??
      Have you checked out the LDS CD Census, rather do you know much about your Donald & Jane McIntyre Fran ??
      Best Wishes
      Don in nearby Cheltenham
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      Don  I would like to thank you for leadership and know you are leaving us in safe hands with  Gillian (one of newest email friends!) Always glad to share my Campbells with anyone (if anyone would really want my tin of worms)  Gill by look of one of my other emails do I owe you another certificate (you hog) how come I found all your rellies and not my own! My Campbell's (Donald) such an uncommon name NOT! was born in "British America, Novia Scotia.  And married Jane McIntyre in Aussie, they seem  to have started in Portland (Vic) but yet to establish when Donald graced our shores. This family is rather  messy (isn't Gill!) with young deaths and changed  death certificates a little confusing. Anyway enough  of my Campbells- would like to know more of any Aussie Campbells in Vic who may be "family"!  Fran Campbell   Knoxfield, Victoria 
    • Neil Campbell
      Message Thanks Don, (another Don, how I wish you were given a number after your names!) Donald and Jane were married in melbourne (waiting on marriage cert) in
      Message 2 of 4 , Mar 13, 2004
        Thanks Don,
        (another Don, how I wish you were given a number after your names!)
        Donald and Jane were married in melbourne (waiting on marriage cert)
        in abt. 1859.
        Donald Campbell born Novia Scotia abt. 1834 died 1863
        Jane McIntyre born Tyrone Ireland abt. 1840 died 19/12/1872 in Nunawading
        Jane's parents were Joshua McIntyre and Sarah (nee Campbell)
        Donald and Jane had three children
        Hugh William Robert (our gr grandfather) born 1862 portland
        Sarah Isabelle born 1862 portland died 1862 portland
        Donald Joshua Campbell born Richmond 1863 (his dad died before he was born)
        died Melbourne Hospital 13/4/1933.
        As far as I can tell, Donald and Hugh were not brought up together as their parents
        both died young. But the interesting part starts after their death.
        In 1913 Donald Snr and Jane's death certificates were both altered, to show
        Hugh as their son, although their death certificates indicated differently,
        Janes showed -
        William aged 14
        Donald aged 10
        (the informant was janes brother in law)
        in 1913 Janes sisters (both in their 70's) changed the death
        certificate to read-
        Hugh William Robert aged 12
        Donald Joshua aged 8 1/2
        (Sarah is not mentioned)
        On Donalds which was changed 50 years after his death,
        read- Stephen aged 3
                son deceased
         changed to- by the sister in laws again
        to read-
        Hugh William Robert aged 3
        Daughter deceased.
        Our only assumption being as Hugh died in 1909,
        and his birth and death certificates state him as
        Hugh. That maybe Donald inherited money and
        it had to be proved that he was the only living
        relative on his family. (this is all guess work).
        Donald lived till 1933 and had 10 children himself-
        William 1891
        Olive 1892
        May 1895
        Isabel 1896
        Gertrude 1899
        Donald 1901
        Archibald 1903
        Margaret 1906
        Twins deceased.
        Donald (jnr) death certificates shows
        born vic
        29 victoria
        40 years in NSW
        married in SA age 25 to Eliza Green
        occupation miner
        Well little more than a skeleton at the moment,
        hope to add more coverage in time.
        Fran, Knoxfield Victoria
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