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  • wendyjhelm
    Jan 23, 2013
      Hi Everyone I have just joined this group, Thank-you.
      I was adopted as a small baby, I have found out about my real birth
      parents in the last 3 years, but not tried to look for my father Bruce
      Campbell, he is dead.
      I was born in Sydney 1963, my father and my mother were from the
      Brisbaine area. My father's family were mill owners. I think wood mills
      is what I have been told. He had a brother, I do not know his name.
      It says on my birth details that my father Bruce Campbell was 22 years
      old at the time of my birth. That makes him born in 1940/41. I heard he
      died in a light plane crash around 20 years ago, give or take a few
      years. In the Brisbane area, ones used by landowners.
      There seems to be some scandal surrounding him. My birth was never told
      to his family as far as my birth mother says. He also fathered twins by
      and English girl at the same time as me!
      What is weird is that I am on my adopted side, listed on the timeline
      for descendents of Donald Campbell - my adopted mother is Diane
      Campbell Lynam!
      I was told he probably married and had other children?
      So, any help to track down details of my father would be amazing. I
      dream of seeing a photo of him since I was told I was adopted at 4
      years old.
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