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552Campbells in Victoria

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  • Peter Campbell
    Jan 13, 2013

      Hello to the forum

      We are hoping that we may be able to get some help through the forum about our family history.

      My grandfather was William Campbell (b 1881) in Findochty Banffshire Scotland.

      His parents and siblings also came out to Victoria in 1917. William had come out several years before as he married my grandmother Myrtle Thorburn in 1915.

      They must have been living in Paynesville Victoria going by records and a letter that we have.

      The only one we do know about was William’s youngest sister, Henrietta Hillsley Campbell (b 1902) who had married Thomas Mentiplay and died in 1992. This Thomas we see was born in Paynesville.

      William’s brother Alexander (b 1887) drowned at see as Master of a ship coming to Australia.


      It looked like there is a good chance that at least most of the family came here.


      The family comprised:

      James (b 1852)


      Isabella (Bella) (b 1898)

      Henrietta (Rita) (b 1902)

      John (b 1894)

      James (b 1885)

      Maria (b 1883)      and        Her son William Downie Smith (b 1912)(she  was widowed)

      William (b 1881)

      Jane (b 1878)

      Ann (b 1876)


      We would be most appreciative of any information about them.


      Peter Campbell

      West Australia


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