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509Campbell - Fletcher Gippsland

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  • bluwitch1960
    Sep 10, 2008
      Hi Everyone,

      I have recently started researching my Campbell ancestors, and while I
      have info back to my great grandparents beyond that it is a little
      sketchy. I have an Ellen Jane Campbell b. 1878 Sale Vic d.o Allan
      Campbell and Rachel Williamson. m. Foster Nepean Varney 25 Dec 1897
      d. August 1958 in Bainsdale. They had at least 1 child Foster Nepean
      jnr. I need more information on Ellens family siblings grandparents
      etc. I know she ties into my Campbells as I have Foster Jnr's flyveil
      that he used on his horse in WWI 13th lighthorse.
      My great grandparents were Archie (Archibald) Campbell he married Mary
      Fletcher they had 3 children, Archibald Donald Duncan, Alan and William
      to my knowledge William was actually the son of Mary's unwed sister and
      grew up with my great grandparents. I think he died in the war.
      I believe the Fletchers came from Gippsland also.
      Any Info would be greatly appreciated and as soon as I see mum I can
      get some more dates on these people as futher reference for anyone who
      might have information.
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