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  • if you received an invitation to join yearbook -- please delete and ignore. I am very sorry!!!! it was a stupid thing sent by my neice and when I realized what it was I dropped out of it; however, it may had send out invitations anyway. Again sorry!!!!!!! -tegan [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Rayna Kidd Feb 4, 2009
  • BOH -- that makes sense, think I was trying to make it harder than it is. As far as the music -- I prefer recorded, I have no music ability. Also, a few names of books that would basic dances to start. Thanks! And yes, Crystal Mynes and will be at Kingdom A/S. Tegan Evelyn Alden wrote: --- Rayna Kidd wrote: > Please forgive my ignorance -- what, where and when > is BOH? I am new to...
    Rayna Kidd Jul 21, 2004
  • Please forgive my ignorance -- what, where and when is BOH? I am new to the list and am interested in getting information, books, music on some different dances to I will be able to start having dance practices locally. Thanks for all your soon be help. Tegan stew9655 wrote: Pav, I plan to be at BOH and got do dance lessons, if I have more than one person that wants them Seonaid...
    Rayna Kidd Jul 20, 2004
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