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  • I have a question about one of your scheduled classes. Thanks! Ypolite (The oh-I-so-NEVER-dance routine may die this year at Lilies as a slightly early birthday gift to DH Günther, who is himself a dance-magic-dance man.) ____________________________________________________________ Click here to choose from a huge selection of shipping supplies! http://thirdpartyoffers.juno.com...
    Ypolita de Montbéliard Jun 5, 2008
  • Hello! :) I'm interested in reproducing a period music stand, but I'm not even sure where to start in my pictorial research. I've been poking through some manuscript facsimiles hoping someone has painted one in a scene somewhere, but I'm not finding anything. Does anyone have any ideas to help me as I search? Anywhere that might be a grand place to look. . .? Thanks, Elena
    Elena de Montb�liard Nov 24, 2005