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  • Do you play an instrument? Will you be at opening court for coronation? Are you willing to play for TRM entrance for their final court? I've got sheet music for you!!! katriana
    katriana_op_den_dijk Jul 5, 2012
  • I'm preregistered What motels are people staying in? My mother is my ride, as she has a desire to do genealogy research in Ohio. But that means I'll be somewhat dependent on getting rides to and from the event! Or get a rental car, but seems something to be avoided if possible :) katriana On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 2:59 PM, Sauer, Michael F. wrote: > ** > > > Hey Calontir dancers...
    calonkat (Katriana) May 19, 2012
  • I'd like to go. Ohio isn't that far as things go. I'm in Topeka. http://www.kwdms9.com/ On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 3:28 AM, Albizzi wrote: > ** > > > Is there anyone on the list who is going to the Known World Music and Dance > (right after Lillies...Literally). I would like to know because I am > curently planning on going. > > Zino > > > [Non-text portions of this message have been...
    calonkat (Katriana) Sep 23, 2011
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  • http://www-personal.umich.edu/~aelkiss/cynnabar/dance/pennsic_pile_35.pdf may be what you are looking for (warning, it's long) On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Sarah Kaiser wrote: > > > Hi! > > Is there anyone who could send me the most recent Pennsic Pile? > > Dancey Dancey Boing Boing, > Tzippi > > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    calonkat (Katriana) Feb 15, 2011
  • FROM: bronwynsjw@^$1 DATE: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 13:29:07 -0000 SUBJECT: Recommendations Please Greeting Dancers! The Dragon Scale Consort is beginning preparations for our next dance CD and we would like your input. If you are interested, please email me off list at bronwynsjw@^$2 with any thoughts or suggestions that you might have. We would especially like to know what pieces you...
    Katriana Jun 23, 2009
  • PDF me, please On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 4:42 PM, lucia_b3r wrote: > > > Greetings all, > > I now have a .pdf file available containing music for all the Lilies Ball > sets. The file contains music for the three sets -- from Official Bransle to > Contrapasso in Due -- and also contains copies of music being made available > for populace choice selections at the ball. This includes the...
    calonkat (Katriana) Jun 8, 2009
  • http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/caroso/transcription/0139.clean.html And I believe pinwheel comes from a description of the setup and motion [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Katriana Apr 28, 2009
  • Her Excellency still speaks to us lowly peasants!!! We are all duly honored, your Excellency, by this mark of your regard! :-) Congratulations, btw! --- In CalontirDance@^$1, "Carol O'Connell" wrote: > > Thanks to the Bellewode group for being ready with all sorts of wonderful > food for the ball. That was a really nice gesture. Thanks for volunteering > to do it! > > Thanks to HL...
    Katriana Mar 1, 2009
  • Fabritio Caroso. He wrote dance manuals and described the type of ball On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 6:11 PM, Matt Lagemann < mlagemann@^$1> wrote: > What is the proper spelling for the type of ball that is done before > Crystal Ball. It sounds something like Curoso... > > Ermenrich > (auf der Iren Hosen) > > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Katriana Jan 29, 2009
  • I have the Katrina Hunt arrangement, and I think I've got at least one other version someplace. Never danced it :-) On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Chris Mortika wrote: > I was looking at the Renaissance Dance sampler at > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqvoFHekE0c and I admit to being unfamiliar > with the dance begining at 3:10, designated > "Cascarda Chiara stella". Does...
    Katriana Jan 14, 2009