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  • Katriana
    OK, (finally) got an email confirming when I m (or someone s) teaching 2 classes of Introduction to dance 9:00 and 10:00. 4 classes of General instruction for
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2000
      OK, (finally) got an email confirming when I'm (or someone's) teaching

      2 classes of Introduction to dance
      9:00 and 10:00.
      4 classes of General instruction for Lilies dancing
      1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00.

      I would love some help with Intro to dance, I talk a whole bunch and go
      over some basic dances from the genre's I know. If someone could lead the
      dancing, I could play the music. Which works better for many reasons, not
      the least of which is my lack of tapes and recording equipment (gee,
      imagine that)
      just realized I have no Allemandes on the list. Black is the only one I
      really know the steps to.

      Petit Riense
      Rostiboli Gioioso
      Branle Suite
      Double (common) Branle
      Single Branle
      Gay Branle
      Burgundian Branle
      Official Branle
      Washerwoman's Branle
      SCA Maltese Branle
      Calontir Branle
      Gathering Peascods
      Black Nag
      New Boe Peep

      I need to make a list of what dances will be taught when in the afternoon.
      General guidelines are better than nothing. In hour long blocks, how does:

      1:00 Arbeau - French Renaissance, Branles and Pavans

      2:00 Italian and Allemandes (Gresley too if someone can teach)

      3:00 English Country

      4:00 More English Country, Quen Quer Que if Conrad is there to teach,
      anything left (and believe me, we can't fit everything in. All we can
      really hope to do for most is introduce the styles and get people
      comfortable with trying)

      Conrad, the only dances I'm not comfortable playing:
      Whirligig - I can play until the dancing's done, but the music is weird and
      I've never been able to watch the dance and figure out what's going on
      Angus Reel - I don't have music, and have never heard it.
      Mertiritza - same here. I understand from someone on the folkdance
      newsgroup that it's Greek?
      Ivy Allemande - ???Music???
      L'Escargot and tangle bransle just go to music the musicians can stand as I
      understand it (and are darn near the same dance?)
      Il Piantone also goes to anything.
      I've got music for Ly Ben Distonys and Pizocara but we should make sure the
      repeats are the same as what we'll do at Lilies (I've played them with
      different repeats)

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