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  • Christian M. Cepel
    ... Subject: Re: [CalontirBards] What s the story on Al Cafrin Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:29:05 EST From: Fvigil@aol.com Reply-To:
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      Subject: Re: [CalontirBards] What's the story on Al Cafrin
      Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:29:05 EST
      From: Fvigil@...
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      In a message dated 2/7/2007 10:17:14 P.M. Central Standard Time,
      christian@... writes:

      >I guess I have quite a few questions about this gentleman. He has
      >the Curriculum Vitae in the ole' music subject.
      >His stuff has fleshed out the majority of every music packet I've
      given (several Lilies and at least 2 Crystal Balls).
      >So... I'm wondering... what are his feelings towards the SCA and it's
      >use of his arrangements?

      Al Cofrin is actively involved in the SCA as Master Avatar
      Catsprey. He's a friend of Conna's who ran at least some of the
      music pits you refer to. He was playing with her at Lilies, and was
      even played in Mistress Constantia's Laurel ceremony at
      Pennsic. He's a pretty neat guy, and from being nearby a few times
      during serious music discussions he seems to have a large store of
      very specific knowledge.

      > If I had to guess I would guess that he never
      >granted permission to use them as they have been used,

      Fortunately I didn't need to guess. :) I simply contacted Mistress
      Conna and asked what she could tell me.

      Conna indicates that she uses his arrangements because she thinks
      they are better than the others available, and because she (and a
      few other folks) have his specific permission to use them in their
      music pits.

      She has permission to e-mail them privately to people who request
      them from her, so that they can practice for each ball, and she only
      sends them to people who tell her they will be there. But those
      people do not have permission to use them for other things without
      purchasing his book. (available at: http://www.istanpitta.com/i_009.htm)

      He specifically does not make them available online. And he denied
      permission for them to be used at balls when the organizer
      wanted put downloadable pdfs on the web.

      Conna also notes that she makes a point of telling the musicians in
      her pits that these arrangements are available in Avatar's Early
      Dances book, and that they should buy one if they can.

      Hope this clarifies things,


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