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Help reviewing music.

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Heh.. No... I m not worried about voice crossing and other such evils. This isn t my arrangement, just one I ve copied from something hand-written. I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 13 4:56 PM
      Heh.. No... I'm not worried about voice crossing and other such
      evils. This isn't my arrangement, just one I've copied from something
      hand-written. I'm just asking folks to look over for any glaring
      errors, or obvious musical blunders on my part (or I suppose the
      original transcriptionist, but that's more subjective), as I'm used to
      doing bagpipe scores and haven't done anything like this in a while.
      This was written in mid & low 4 measure phrases to be repeated, and then
      all 16 measures of the high written out and I wanted to put them in a
      formal score with the correct lyrics (there were some questions that I
      think I've resolved correctly with web searching... Other than that, I
      suppose style criticisms and the like.

      Here's the much cleaned up original I started from if it's any use:

      As far as the chords, I am not the best at it despite years of music
      classes and I know that there are folks out there who can just look at a
      score and fiddle around on a piano or a guitar and come up with a lead
      sheet that isn't just musically precise, but also sounds quite nice...
      Of course then I'm also wanting to keep things simple so our most
      elementary of people can participate and enjoy the

      Frankly, I'd rather leave my copy of "harmonic practice in tonal music"
      in it's place of dishonor on the shelf gathering dust. (I know it's a
      wonderful book, but I struggled so...)

      Looking back over my original post, it's frightfully obvious to me just
      how tired I was when I posted. I apologize that a good deal of it made
      no sense. I'm cross-posting back to the dance group as well (a lot of
      the instrumental/vocal music side has been discussed on there in the
      past, so I'm used to asking there for answers too), as they got the same
      confusing message I sent to this list and my response to your questions
      could help clarify.

      Many thanks!

      // Philippe Sebastian LeLutre.

      Larry D. Hols wrote:
      > Hallo,
      >> Could I trouble anyone to take a quick look over it and see if there's
      >> anything glaringly wrong with it? Moreover, would someone who is good
      >> with figu ring chords be willing to provide a few for those playing
      >> harmony/accomp instruments?
      > Are you wanting an analysis of the harmonic structure? The
      > parts as written, at first glance, appear to provide chords
      > throughout, so are you just wanting to know what the chords are for
      > guitar tab and the like? And are you wanting analysis to see if the
      > progression follows basic compositional rules (consonant progression,
      > expected cadences, voice leading, etc.)?
      > Ainmere
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