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Re: [CalontirDance] Symposium Classes

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  • Rowan
    You ve forgotten to include Azenari s 2 classes: Dance for the non-dancer with 2 left feet and Dance - an excuse for Period Flirting Lady Rowan Houndskeeper
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 20, 2006
      You've forgotten to include Azenari's 2 classes:

      Dance for the non-dancer with 2 left feet
      Dance - an excuse for Period Flirting

      Lady Rowan Houndskeeper
      Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir

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      Subject: [CalontirDance] Symposium Classes

      > These are the lists of classes, by topic. If it doesn't list a time
      > ammount, it's 1 hour. If you do not see your class on this list
      > please let us know so we can fix it. We will start making actual
      > schedules next week. If you don't see a class represented that you
      > would like to teach, please let us know. Also, if you don't see a
      > last name, it's because we didn't have one. Please let us know if
      > you would like one added.
      > Thank you,
      > ~Lady Helena and Lady Esa~
      > Dance:
      > 15 C. Italian Tsire
      > Progressions Tsire
      > Buffens workshop- 2hr Tsire
      > Ball Planing Workshop Tsire
      > non-dancing History of Dance Seonaid
      > 16th C. Italian Seonaid
      > Progression Dances Aisha
      > Advanced English Country Dance - Argeers and Newcastle Rowan and
      > Cathus
      > Inns of Court Rowan and Cathus
      > Dances Aide Likes Aide
      > Out of Period but Fun Marion de Forrester
      > Introduction to Medieval European Dance Marion de Forrester
      > Dances in a Circle Marion de Forrester
      > Scribal:
      > Preprints Class Eostre of Grimfells
      > White work patterns (1 hour) Enid
      > The hands on class of whitework techniques (2 hours) Enid
      > Introduction of Illumination Ilaria degli Attavante
      > Scribal Round Table Discussion: Tips, Tricks and Toys Ilaria degli
      > Attavante
      > Painting Late Period Italian Flowers Ilaria degli Attavante
      > Let's make Gesso! Ilaria degli Attavante
      > There will also be a scribal workroom available all day, for
      > preprints, and other activities.
      > Heraldic:
      > OP's made easy Pipa Sparks
      > Awards of Calontir Alejandra Vazquez de Granada
      > Heraldry for Scribes Lyriel de la Foret
      > Coordinating a Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Roberto Carlos
      > Dominguez
      > Heraldry for Those Who Cant - 1 hour class Modar Neznanich
      > Basic Protocol and Etiquette: An Overview - 1 hour class
      > Modar Neznanich
      > How to Run a Heraldic Consulting Table - 2 hour class Modar
      > Neznanich
      > Commenting Einar Grimsson
      > Turning your emblazon into an electronic drawing Einar
      > Grimsson
      > War Commentary Ermenrich von Duseburge
      > Tournament Vocal Heraldry Ermenrich von Duseburge
      > Japaness Naming Practices and Mon Aoki Kentarou Tadamitsu
      > Basic Conflict-Checking (2 hour class) Modar Neznanich
      > Vocal Heraldry Roberto Carlos Dominguez
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