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FW: [SCA-Dance] dance event: Basse e Balli

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      "Basse e Balli: European dancing from 1400-1550" has a


      When: 22nd of April

      Where: The Shire of Mynydd Seren in the Middle Kingdom, otherwise known
      as Bloomington, Indiana.

      What: A small workshop and ball with a more specific focus than the
      average SCA event.

      Day: Classes and discussions on all and any aspects of European dancing
      from 1400-1550. Dances from the evening ball list will be taught, and
      there'll be more scholarly sessions for the confirmed geeks amongst us.
      We'll have a 'sideboard' of tasty dance-sources and articles, including
      facsimiles of many of the primary sources for this period (feel free to
      bring contributions).

      Evening: A feast of delicious 15thC food, followed by a small ball
      composed entirely of dances from our
      period: stately basse danses, slinky Italian balli, rousing saltarelli,
      bransles from Arena and as much more as we can fit! Various musical and
      theatrical entertainments will be scattered throughout.

      Whom: 15th dances are often fiendishly hard to reconstruct, yet
      relatively easy to dance, so there should be something for everyone
      interested in this period, from raw beginners to seasoned saltarellists.

      How Much: Site by donation. Dinner $5 (please book by 15th April for

      For more information, to offer or request a class, or a particular dance
      for the ball, contact the stewards, Katharine & Ludwig von Regensburg,
      at katherine_may@..., or (812) 333 8191.

      If you are considering travelling from out of town please get in touch:
      I may be able to help with crash space and/or rides to and from
      Indianapolis airport.

      your humble servant,
      Katharine von Regensburg

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