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RE: Dancing at Lilies

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Hi from Conrad ... Yea, someone out there is reading this! ... that ... Speeking of practice - I think I would like to make actual live recorded (as opposed to
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 27, 1999
      Hi from Conrad

      >Hi, all. Conna here. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

      Yea, someone out there is reading this!

      >Thanks, Conrad, for putting this all together. And well enough in advance
      >I can actually practice!

      Speeking of practice - I think I would like to make actual live recorded
      (as opposed to electronic) music available for practice. I am not happy
      with what I've been able to do on the computer. There are some on my list
      I don't have music available to teach the dance to. If it bothers anybody
      we could always put on the terms of use that the music is not to be used
      if live music is available.

      >>I remember thinking that it was early enough that I had
      >> to hurry off the field, eat and get ready quickly and we did start
      >> before it was dark. Any opinions?

      >8 or 8:30 seems right to me. I think it might have been earlier last year.
      >seem to remember having to rush to get there, too, and I wasn't even

      I would like to actually start before dark - at the very least it makes
      easier and there are some who just won't/can't dance in torchlight.

      >> ...from monday to thursday. If possible I'd like to have live music for
      >> some of the classes (in part to get people used to live music, earlier).

      >If I'm on site, you can count on me to play for you.


      >Some of the songs I'm not familiar with. Is it possible they have other
      >Katriana, do you have music for these?

      These 3 should be available somewhere - I'm pretty sure these are
      the names of the dances from priod sources.

      > Mage on a Cree (Playford, 1st)
      > Pinagay Bransle (Arbeau)
      > Lorayne Allmande (Arbeau/Inns of Court)

      These 2 can be done to almost any music
      > L'Escargot (??)
      > Tangle Bransle (Arbeau?)

      This is an SCA dance - it probably uses music from
      some other Allemande I don't know which - Its from Meridies
      > Ivy Allemande (SCA) Line of couples?

      Also from Meridies - I've never heard live music for it.
      > Mediritza (Folk dance?)

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