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Re: [CalontirDance] Dances being taught this weekend

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  • Lisa Adams
    I m teaching an intro to most things so I m teaching Horse s Bransle, Carolingian Pavan, Half Hannikan, and Petit Vriens. I know I m teaching some dances that
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2005
      I'm teaching an intro to most things so I'm teaching Horse's Bransle, Carolingian Pavan, Half Hannikan, and Petit Vriens. I know I'm teaching some dances that other people are teaching, but hopefully the newest dancers will see this as a confidence builder. "I know one dance, I can handle the others."

      I would like to suggest that anyone who has extra handouts may want to leave them at troll or some such front table so that someone who wasn't able to attend your class can learn.

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      Heres what I can remember/wrangle - I still don't know what dances Marion is
      teaching or which ones Isabeau has chosen (Conrad - can you help on that

      Hope this helps you all out.

      Progression Dances - Tsire - My Lady Cullen, Female Sailor, Half Hannikin
      (maybe Dargason)
      Italian Dance Made Easy - 15th Century - Rowan and Cathus - Rosti Boli,
      Petit Riens, Amoroso
      Advanced English Country - Rowan and Cathus - Newcastle, Argeers
      Intermediate 15th Century Italian - Tsire - Marchesana, Gratioza, Belfiore
      Roberto's Choice - Tsire - Rufty Tufty, Hearts Ease, Picking of Sticks
      16th Century Italian - Seonaid - Baloo De Fiore, Bizzaria D'Amore, Gracca
      Amoroso, Contrapasso in Due
      Beginning French - Seonaid- Causelle, Montard branles, pinagay ,scottish
      branles, Charlotte, and Belle Qui Pavane(Carolingian)
      Italian Follow the Leader - Conrad- LaChiritana & Una Caccia D'Amore
      Not Period But Damn Fun - Isabeau - ???
      Introduction to European Dance - Marion Forester - ???
      Beginning English Country - Isabeau - ???

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