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RE: [CalontirDance] Distribute to other lists as needed

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  • Chris Lewis
    The webmaster has not yet put up changes I sent last week as it was spring break. I have hoped all along people would email bellewode_dance@yahoo.com with
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 21, 2005
      The webmaster has not yet put up changes I sent last week as it was spring

      I have hoped all along people would email bellewode_dance@... with
      their class information. I don't have the final schedule set as life has
      pulled a lulu. I am working on it this week it will be done asap. But
      since I have to go back through the list archives to get all the class bits,
      that just adds time.

      I will announce when the schedule is up, but please be patient as I am
      putting together both the scribal, heraldic, and dance bits at the same time
      into it.


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      From: Sauer, Michael F. [mailto:sauerm@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 8:26 AM
      To: CalontirDance@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [CalontirDance] Distribute to other lists as needed

      Hi Roberto

      Some of us (Tsire, Seonaid, Isabeau, I and maybe others were away at Gulf
      I don't see any of the classes we added on the calontir dance list here.
      Is thare a specific process/form to make a class official?

      Aloo what is the current schedule, [class,teacher,time,room]?


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      From: Roberto Dominguez [mailto:pretzelbear@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 9:51 AM
      To: calontir-heralds@yahoogroups.com; calontirdance@yahoogroups.com;
      Subject: [CalontirDance] Distribute to other lists as needed


      There are less than three weeks until the College of Bellewode's Heraldic,
      Scribal, and Dance Symposium.

      That being said, any last minute offers to teach anything should be in by
      the end of this week. That will allow myself, my co-autocrat, and our
      helpers make the full class list and publish it well in advance.

      The website for the event is:

      The class list is linked off of this page.

      Classes are being scheduled to begin at 9, and will continue at 10, 11, 1,
      2, 3, and 4. This ends all classes by 5 pm.

      There is going to be a ball after court - timed so that people can go have

      THIS IS A CHANGELING BALL. In honor of it being the day after April Fool's
      Day, we are trying to keep the symposium rather serious, but the ball
      exceedingly fun. So plan to come, hang out, and enjoy the time of
      compansionship with your friends in the SCA. There won't be an official -
      after the event post revel, as all of the locals will be at the ball helping
      out. This makes the ball the post revel (at least until 11 pm when we have
      to shut down the ball and clean up the hall). There may well be a post
      revel after that.

      Crash space is _very_ limited. My personal space is already 100% booked, if
      you want me to check on other crash space for you, mail either of the event
      email addresses and I can see if I can pre-plan anything. But this is a
      college group wihch makes providing crash space difficult. We do have a
      listing of the local hotels linked to the group website, and rates in town
      are very reasonable.

      I am hoping the final list of classes and discussion groups will total:

      12 Hours of Dance
      14 Hours of Scribal
      25 Hours of Heraldry (including Vocal, Protocol, Name, and Device oriented

      We are well on the way.

      Oh, what, I just mentioned discussion groups? That's right. Not every
      class needs to be a class. I am looking for volunteers who want to lead
      discussion groups. A lot of people at intermediate to advanced levels don't
      need a formal classroom presentation, and indeed get bored with this.
      That's where discussion groups come in. I already have a couple for the
      dance and scribal, and one or two for heraldic. We need MORE. Any
      discussion group topic, related to the topics of the event, are welcomed and

      The emails for the event are:


      These email addresses were made just for this event, and will be gone at the
      conclusion to the event.

      So please, tell your neighbors, tell your friends. Come share a day of
      learning and education with your neighbors in Bellewode. It will be an
      unforgettable experience.

      -Lord Roberto Carlos Dominguez

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