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RE: [SCA_Bellewode] April 2, 2005

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  • Chris Lewis
    I send apologies. The addresses are Bellewode_Herald@yahoo.com and Bellewode_dance@yahoo.com I love busy work days. -Roberto ... From: Roberto Dominguez
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 25, 2004
      I send apologies.

      The addresses are Bellewode_Herald@... and Bellewode_dance@...

      I love busy work days.


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      From: Roberto Dominguez [mailto:pretzelbear@...]
      Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 10:05 AM
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      Subject: [SCA_Bellewode] April 2, 2005

      Greetings from Lord Roberto Carlos Dominguez,

      It is my esteemed honor to announce, in way-early fashion, and carried with
      a warning that we are just getting the plans into motion, The College of
      Bellewode's next event.

      This will be timed for April 2, 2005.

      We will be hosting "Bellewode Symposium Day".

      The two major things that will be happening -

      A Calontir Heraldic/Scribal Symposium

      A Calontir Dance Symposium.

      There will also be a Ball held at the end of the day.

      This event will happen in Kirksville, Mo - on the campus of Truman State
      University, where RUSH was help in Spring of '04. We are still arranging
      the exact locations, however we need to know how many rooms we need to plan

      If you are interested in teaching a class on Heraldry (vocal, book, court,
      methods, manners, fealty, duties, anything heraldic), Scribal (again, any
      aspect), you can send an email to Bellewode-Herald@yahoogroups.com

      If you want to teach a class on Dance (we would love to have as _many_
      courtly dancing classes as possible, as there will be a ball afterwards, but
      we would not turn away any middle eastern dance calsses) or music for dance
      (again, either geared for courtly dancing or middle eastern dancing), or
      even arranging dance at an event, or providing music with a bard-in-the-box,
      you are encouraged to email Bellewode-Dance@yahoogroups.com.

      As I said, any and all subjects related to dance, or heraldry are welcome to
      be taught.

      Don't know enough about any of the above topics to make an informed decision
      on if you like them? Come and take a class or two, and try them out. We
      will be trying to have rooms set up for Heraldry classes all day,
      Scribal-specific all day, Dance all day. We also hope to have a room setup
      for anyone who wants to try their hand at Illumination or Calligraphy - and
      maybe even have pre-prints being made throughout the day as well.

      The sky is the limit as for what can be done at this event.

      Have an idea about something I didn't mention? Email either of the
      addresses above, or email me specifically. I will be arranging the day of
      heraldic/scribal classes, and Lionetta de Navarre will be working on the
      dance arrangements. We will put a schedule and flyer up on the Bellewode
      site http://ssmc.truman.edu <http://ssmc.truman.edu/> as soon as we get
      confirmation on room reservations, and get enough teacher input to have
      classes to schedule.

      If you have previously contacted me directly about wanting to teach on
      either side of this event, please do so again to the appropriate email, so I
      don't lose what you sent me directly.

      Looking forward to seeing as many people at this event, as can make it.

      And please feel free to pass this missive along to any email lists you can
      think would want to know about it, even in other Kingdoms.

      -Lord Roberto Carlos Dominguez, OT

      Herald of Bellewode

      Deputy Central Regional Herald - Calontir

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