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Re: [CalontirDance] Music Request and new list member intro

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  • Amy and Bill Morris
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      Subject: Re: [CalontirDance] Music Request and new list member intro

      > Well this should be easy.
      > Suggested CDs:
      > NY Ren Band - Country Capers: Only problem with it is that the songs are
      'bundled' so it can be a pain to cue the one you want

      I've already got their Arbeau Orchesographie CD. Quite useful. I thought
      this one was out of print, but when I checked country capers is back in
      print, and Orchesographie seems to be back out.

      Music Subteranea - two nice CDs but I think the first (and more usefull one
      IMHO) is out of print

      http://musicasubterranea.dhs.org/order.html according to their web page
      both CDs have now been reprinted.

      > Inns of Court: for all the pavans and almans

      Is this the one by Jouissance?

      > Obtaining CDs: Even easier.
      > Tomes and Tunes carries a nice bundle of the Tape of Dance CDs and a few
      others, Conrad has burned a couple of nice mixes from various sorces, and
      Eric burns CDs and sells them at near cost to the SCA dance community. Go to

      I think the mix from Conrad was the one I was looking for for short term
      use. Those particular versions seem to be popular around her. How can I
      contact him???

      Some of the others are likely to go onto my xmas gift list.

      > Hope this helps.
      > Rowan

      Thanks, Mableth

      By the way check out

      They have finally put their catalog on the web. Try searching their catalog
      for dance. For a really frustrating experience, try changing country and
      going to the UK version of their site. They list even more CD's.
      apparently only part of their catalog is available in the US.
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