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Call for Submissions to the Letter of Dance

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  • Katherine Mercer
    Unto the Dancers of the Knowne World does Katherine Mercer send greetings. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have already been
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      Unto the Dancers of the Knowne World does Katherine Mercer send greetings.

      I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have already been
      incredibly supportive of me in my efforts to take over the editorship of the
      Letter of Dance. As many of you know, Master William of Redcape published
      his final issue and the editor's cap has officially passed to me. I would
      like to ask you all to take a moment to think about submitting a short
      article, review, or letter to the Letter of Dance. A few generous folks
      have contacted me already, but the more articles the better! Let me make
      four specific (fairly easy and fun) suggestions for submissions which would
      be readily welcomed here at Letter of Dance HQ:

      1) April Fools articles
      Yeah, I know it's only january, but it's never too early to start
      thinking about the annual April edition of the Letter of Dance.

      2) Dance Reconstructions
      I know that there are a lot of you out there with class handouts for
      newly reconstructed dances which would be perfect if worked up into LoD

      3) Book/CD/Video Reviews
      Have you read a book about medieval or renaissance dance or music lately?
      Found a great new CD? These reviews don't need to be long and they don't
      necessarily need to be scholarly. If you read (or viewed or listened to) a
      source, I'd love your input on it. Contact me for a list of books and cds
      already reviewed. Interesting looking (and as yet unreviewed) books

      Dance History. Dancing through time : Western social dance in
      literature, 1400-1918 : selections / compiled by Allison Thompson. 1998

      Dance music from the ballets de cour, 1575 - 1651.
      Author: Buch, David
      Published: 1995

      The politics of courtly dancing in early modern England.
      Author: Howard, Skiles
      Published: 1998
      (I think someone posted a diatribe on this on SCA-Dance. Greg??)

      Shakespeare and the dance.
      Author: Brissenden, Alan
      Published: 1981, 2001

      Any book which presents an overview of Medieval and Renaissance music which
      would be of use to dancers and reconstructionists.

      And a few cds to consider reviewing (based on a cursory glance in my CD

      Cornucopia--Musica Subterranea
      Il Ballarino--The Broadside Band
      Le Gratie d'Amore--Ensemble La Follia
      Renaissonics--Renaissance Dance Band (self titled, I believe)
      An American Journey--The Waverly Consort (contains quite a few ECD, has
      anyone tried dancing to these?)
      etc. etc. etc.

      And finally,
      4) Letters to the Editor
      Have a new great idea for running dance at events, conducting practices?
      Have a question for other dancers in the Knowne World? Want to bask in the
      glory of seeing your name in print without having to write a full-blown
      article? Then send me a letter. Pretty Please with sugar on top!

      As usual, please excuse the interruption and do please forward this along to
      any interested parties. For more information about LoD or subscription
      information, check out the website below or e-mjail me! I now return you to
      your regularly scheduled dance list.
      The Letter of Dance
      Lady Katherine Mercer, editor
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