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    Unto the dancers of the Knowne World does Katherine Mercer, new editor of the Letter of Dance, send holiday greetings. As many of you already know, I will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2001
      Unto the dancers of the Knowne World does Katherine
      Mercer, new editor of the Letter of Dance, send
      holiday greetings.

      As many of you already know, I will be taking over
      publication of the Letter of Dance from Master WIlliam
      of Redcape as soon as issue 40 is published and volume
      five completed (hopefully very very soon).

      The time has come, then, to ask for your support.
      Please consider subscribing or resubscribing to the
      Letter or giving a subscription as a gift.

      Subscriptions to the Letter of Dance consist of 8
      issues and cost $12 to US and APO addresses, $14 to
      Canada and $20 to Europe and elsewhere. I hope to
      publish issues every two to three months as an
      academic schedule and submissions allow. My aim is to
      distribute the first issue of volume five in February
      or March depending on when Master WIlliam finishes his
      final issue.

      Checks or Money Orders should be made out to Catherine
      Dean in US Dollars (unfortunately I cannot accept
      checks in foriegn currency or cash) and mailed to me
      at: The Letter of Dance, c/o Catherine Dean, 2006
      Columbia Pike, Apt. #12, Arlington, VA 22204. If you
      drop me an e-mail at letterofdance@... I will
      keep an eye open and let you know if your check does
      not make it. Also feel free to e-mail me with any
      questions you may have.

      If you have subscribed to LoD in the past and do not
      think you received all of your issues (current
      subscribers should have received issues through 39),
      please contact me.

      **PLEASE NOTE** Subscriptions to LoD will NO LONGER
      include a complimentary tape or cd. Unfortuantely it
      has become increasingly difficult to produce and
      distribute the tapes of dance in a timely manner. ToD
      4 is only now being distributed to subscribers, three
      and a half years after the volume it was intended to
      accopmany was finished. I am uncomfortable accepting
      money from you all for a cd which may or may not be
      possible to produce and in any case will be delayed
      for several years.

      Current plans are to continue to produce Tapes of
      Dance if at all possible and to distribute them at low
      cost. One possibility which I am seriously
      considering is producing a single cd to cover selected
      dances from volumes five *and* six, particularly since
      many of the dances in those volumes do not have freely
      available recorded music. Everyone who was a paid
      subscriber prior to today (December 28th, 2001) will
      receive a free copy of the next Tape of Dance when it
      is produced as promised, but from today, subscriptions
      will be for the newsletter only.

      I am not lowering the cost of a subscription to the
      Letter of Dance. This change represents the first
      increase in cost of the Letter since it was first
      produced in 1989. Some of the costs associated with
      the Letter of Dance have decreased in that time
      (particularly reproducing the cds and printing the
      issues) but postage has gone up and the average size
      of the Letter of Dance has increased substantially. I
      still think that the cost of a subscription represents
      a good value.

      Happy New Year,

      Katherine Mercer,
      Editor of The Letter of Dance

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