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Crystal ball -event ad

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  • rowan@french.toast.net
    The Barony of Shattered Crystal presents The Field of the Cloth of Gold, AD 1520 Crystal Ball XVIII Nov 2-4, 2001 (AS XXXVI) web site:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2001
      The Barony of Shattered Crystal presents

      The Field of the Cloth of Gold, AD 1520
      Crystal Ball XVIII
      Nov 2-4, 2001 (AS XXXVI)

      web site: http://www.geocities.com/baronysc/CBHomePage.html

      The year is 1520, and Spain is getting just a little too powerful
      off their
      New World gold for comfort. So their gracious majesties Henry VIII of
      England and Francois I of France have decided to hold a great
      meeting not
      far from Calais, in France, to discuss a grand alliance between
      their two
      nations. And since neither of these great monarchs does anything in a
      stingy fashion, they have brought almost their entire courts with
      them and
      are holding contests of fighting, archery, and (unofficially)
      pageantry. In
      fact, the display is so splendid that it is being called the Field
      of the
      Cloth of Gold, for as far as the eye can see there is a display of
      and splendor, each more magnificent than the last. Or, as Master
      Shakespeare will put it,

      Today the French, All clinquant, all in gold, like heathen gods,
      Shone down the English;
      and, to-morrow, they made Britain India:
      every man that stood show'd like a mine.
      Their dwarfish pages were as cherubins, all gilt:
      the madams too, not used to toil,
      did almost sweat to bear the pride upon them,
      that their very labour was to them as a painting:
      Now this masque was cried incomparable;
      and the ensuing night made it a fool and beggar.
      The two kings, equal in lustre, were now best, now worst,
      As presence did present them;
      him in eye, still him in praise:
      and, being present both, 'twas said they saw but one;
      and no discerner durst wag his tongue in censure.

      When these suns-- for so they phrase 'em--by their heralds
      the noble spirits to arms, they did perform
      Beyond thought's compass

      Come join us for a full day of dance classes, fighting, food, and
      games and then dance until dawn at our nightlong ball.
      The site will open Friday night, and there will be a bardic circle
      on both Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday breakfast and lunch
      be available on site for a small fee, and there will be a grand 3-
      feast that night. The site will close on Sunday at 10:30 am.
      Dance classes for beginners through advanced dancers will be held
      all day Saturday, as will heavy and light fighting contests. Then
      after the
      feast you can join the ball, which will go on as long as there are
      who want to dance or the site closes, whichever comes first. Dessert
      be available during the revelment.

      Where: Wirth Middle School, 1900 Mousette Lane, Cahokia, IL 62206
      (same site as last year- approx. 20 min east of St Louis).
      When: Site opens 7 pm, Fri , Nov. 2 and closes at 10:30 am, Sun.,
      Nov 4.
      What: Dancing, dancing, dancing. And fighting (heavy and light),
      bardic circle, children's activities, shopping.
      How much: Site fee is $8.00 if preregistered by Oct. 20, $10 at the
      door (children under 12 free) . This includes on-site crash space
      Fri &
      Sat., hot showers, and dessert revel.
      Who (is insane enough to do this, i.e., the autocrat): Lady Robyn
      (mka Michelle Martin), 217 South St., Collinsville, IL 62234.
      E-mail: michelle_a_martin@...

      Feast is available for $8 if preregistered by Oct. 20, $10 at
      door if space is available. Children will need to pay the full price
      the main feast (except babes in arms are free), however there will
      be a
      children's feast available for a small fee.
      Feast Menu*
      First Course - On the Table: Honey Butter & Apple Butter, Couronne
      Country Ring Loaf), Apples, Oranges, and Other Fruits
      Second Course: Smoked Beef , Armored Turnips, Apecian Carrots, and
      Third Course: Grilled Chicken, Marinated Veggies, Apple Moyle, and

      Feastocrat: Lady Marie von Rosenberg (mka Kimberly Poe)
      1100 A East Main , Belleville, IL 62220 (Ph.: 618-222-1857)

      Merchants: Please contact the merchant autocrat for a merchant flyer
      check the website.
      Merchant autocrat: Lord Marlan MacBiff (mka Earl Biffle )
      26 Lake Rd. , Fenton, MO 63026-5091 (Ph: 314-343-5293, e-mail:

      Preregistration: Please send a note telling us what you are paying
      for and
      a check, payable to "SCA-Barony of Shattered Crystal", postmarked
      by Oct.
      20th, to the Troll Mistress:

      Lady Winifred Rose Hammond (mka Jacqueline Brown )
      204 Ashley Place #5 , Edwardsville, IL 62025
      ( Ph: 618-659-9047, e-mail: danscribe@... )

      Directions: Take your best route to Interstate 255. Get off at
      Lane, Exit 15 (about 6 miles south of I-64). Go east on Mousette
      about 2 blocks. The school is to your North at 1900 Mousette Lane.
      school is the group of brown buildings that are visible from the

      * Subject to change. Please contact the feastocrat if you have food
      allergies and wish to know if certain ingredients are used.
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