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Lilies Ball music additions

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  • Katriana
    Well, a little later than I d hoped, but.. http://www.angelfire.com/ks/tomes2/Dancestuff/liliesball15music.htm I have the text below so y all can see if you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2001
      Well, a little later than I'd hoped, but..


      I have the text below so y'all can see if you even want to go see (sorry, I
      took the time to make active links in the webpage, I'm not going to mess
      with them in email) If you want the Noteworthy composer files for any of
      the Word documents you can view the directory
      (http://www.angelfire.com/ks/tomes2/Dancestuff/) and get them. Conrad (or
      anyone who can) if you want to make pdf files, I'd take 'em.


      Following are the dances I would propose using different music for at
      Lilies and the reasons. There are a few pdf files (mostly off of the SCA
      dance page) and some Word documents ('cause I can't make pdf files)

      I like the key of G better
      Word document

      Rostiboli Goioso
      The version in the music book is missing the salterellos and movimentos at
      the end. I double checked with the dance steps and
      the dancers will be expecting to do them :-)
      Word document

      Dashing White Sergeant
      Music wasn't included. Melody only
      Word document

      Music in booklet repeats last bars, should not repeat
      .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

      Maanschaft Pavan
      Just 'cause I made up a prettier copy of this arrangement for Lilies last year
      Word document

      Heralds in Love
      No new music, just a note that we'll be playing the 2nd ((A,B) x3) version.

      Rufty Tufty
      Again, I like it better in G
      Word document

      Heart's Ease
      The first repeat in the booklet version is incorrect, the music as written
      there has the repeat written out. This is a corrected
      version (or you can just mark out the first repeat)
      Word document

      Version in the booklet is (I think) for a later version of the dance. This
      version matches the dance as it will be taught (and is
      done most everywhere)
      .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

      Road to the Isles
      Music wasn't included. Melody is the top line. I got this from a MIDI file
      and thought it was a neat arrangement (could be
      horrible in reality, who knows)
      Word document
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