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Queen's Prize Tourney Sept 14 Standing Stones

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  • johnoffd
    From: Maerwynn of Holme Date: July 17, 2013, 2:32:13 PM CDT To: CALONTIR@listserv.unl.edu Subject: [CALONTIR] Queen s Prize Reply-To:
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      From: Maerwynn of Holme <maerwynn@...>
      Date: July 17, 2013, 2:32:13 PM CDT
      To: CALONTIR@...
      Subject: [CALONTIR] Queen's Prize
      Reply-To: Historical Recreation in the Kingdom of Calontir <CALONTIR@...>

      Hey all--

      Queen's Prize is just around the corner! It's coming up September 14 in Standing Stones.

      For any new people out there, Queen's Prize is an Arts and Sciences event where newer artisans are mentored by Grants (Lilies and Hammers) and Laurels to take a project and meet other people who do what they do and get some feedback.

      All you need in order to enter is something you've made and a Lily, Hammer, or Laurel to sponsor you.

      The deadline to preregister is September 1 (written entries are also due on that date). You can enter here: http://artsci.calontir.org/qpt-entry-form.php

      (If you'd like to judge, you can sign up here: http://artsci.calontir.org/judge-volunteer-form.php)

      Her Majesty has asked that children be especially encouraged to enter, and there will be a children's category (please specify the entry is for the children's category in the comments section).

      I really love Queen's Prize. It's one of my favorite events. Seeing all the really great stuff that people in the kingdom are doing really gets me excited about A&S.

      If you have need help finding someone to sponsor you, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do!

      In case it isn't obvious, I'm excited already, :)

      Maerwynn of Holme
      Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir
      En mí todo ese fuego se repite,
      en mí nada se apaga ni se olvida... -- Neruda

      from HL Hanne Abendschein : this is my first QPT I can't enter, so I'd love to sponsor someone! I promise to try to find a good venue for performance.
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