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Fwd: [SCA-Dance] Possible competition at KWDMS

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  • Sarah Kaiser
    Oooh! Lets co-opt this idea and implement it here. Sarah Kaiser sarahkaiserstl@gmail.com Begin forwarded message: *From:* Beth Gurzler
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2013
      Oooh! Lets co-opt this idea and implement it here.

      Sarah Kaiser

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      *From:* Beth Gurzler <bgdeonna@...>
      *Date:* February 6, 2013, 4:50:29 PM CST
      *To:* dance SCA <sca-dance@...>
      *Subject:* *[SCA-Dance] Possible competition at KWDMS*

      Hello all.

      I have gotten a request to offer something at KWDMS that I had at a dance
      event a couple of years ago. Are others interested? Here it is -

      So you think you can dance? The goal here is to encourage new research of
      period (pre 1600) dance. Prepare with a partner ( if appropriate), provide
      documentation and perform in competition. This is not intended to be a
      teaching opportunity but to show something cool that reflects the whole
      package of period dance.

      The discussion can now commence



      event steward, KWDMS X

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