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Cheiftains Changlings Ball Feb 24th!!

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  • rowan@french.toast.net
    I don t know why I didn t think to post this here until Conrad suggested it - Guess that s why he s about to become a Laurel :) Below is some information about
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2001
      I don't know why I didn't think to post this here until Conrad
      suggested it - Guess that's why he's about to become a Laurel :)

      Below is some information about this years Cheiftains. Conrad will
      be elevated and we will be having a Changlings Ball directly
      following feast. Please, see the information on the Cheiftains event

      The VERY TENATIVE dance list for the Cheiftains Changlings Ball is:
      Karobushka, Picking up Sticks, Petit Rienze, Jenny Pluck Pears,
      Horses Brawl, Mannschaft Pavanne, Road to the Isle. We would also
      like to include Conrad's favorite dance but he's gone off to war so
      we can't ask him right now. After that we will take requests if
      there are enough people interested and if the autocrate and site
      clean-up steward allows (I'm not sure when we have to be out of the

      Please remember that this a _very tenative_ list - I haven't checked
      my tapes or with the musicians or ect. Alot will hopefully be
      finalized this Thursday. I will certainly post any finalized info.

      In Service

      Cheiftains Info!!
      I realize everyone is focused on Estrella right now, but Chieftains
      follows just after and the staff of Chieftains wish to let everyone
      know we are planning on a really fun event at our NEW, bigger site!
      There are some twists to this year's Chieftains due to its theme:
      Carnival at Chieftains (it's the last event before Lent - how could
      we resist! :-) )

      Fighters: ANY list legal mass weapon will be acceptable for the
      tourney. Novel weapons are encouraged and I think there may even be
      a prize. However, since all of us here immediately came up with the
      same idea for a novel mass weapon, we ask that you remember that this
      is a family show.

      The A&S competition is masks in any medium - cloth, clay,
      gingerbread, ect. Have fun! Be Creative!
      There will of course be Shopping, Games, and all the other standard
      fun things we do at Chieftains. Oh, and the rumor is that the fund
      raiser will be something about indulgences from Pope Joan (sorry, we
      couldn't track down Brother Luvaducki ;) ).

      Changelings Feast: Fits with the theme don't you think? Please see
      the letter below from the coronet. Please come and have fun with us.
      Borrow your lady's houpalond or your lord's armor and be someone (or
      something) else for the night! There are Prizes too!
      As for the feast menu, Master A's in charge - you know it will be
      If you have dietary restrictions PLEASE contact him BEFORE Saturday
      morning. I don't know the whole menu but I know it is very heavy on
      the meat (again that Carnival theme thing). In fact I think there is
      only one or maybe two vegetables.

      Changelings Ball: Gee make a Dance Laurel, have a ball. Seems
      appropriate. I don't have a dance list yet and I'm not sure if it is
      going to be tapes or live music. Plus, you can dance and still go to
      the post revel - it is only 2 blocks from the site! With the post
      revel so close you can dance and not miss any of the fun singing.
      Twice the fun for one low price!

      Post Revel: It's at Master A's of course. Leave your car at the
      site and walk to post revel or leave your car at Master A's and walk
      to site!

      Please, pass this on to anyone who might be interested. We are all
      looking forward to seeing you at Chieftains!!

      In Service,
      Rowan and the staff of Chieftains


      Letter from the Coronet of Three Rivers:

      What is Changelings?

      Years ago, Changelings was a traditional feast held in the Barony of
      Three Rivers. Gentles would attend the daytime activities as their
      usual persona and participate in tournaments, A&S competitions and
      various traditional SCA activities. For feast, however, something
      mystical would happen. The gentles attending would sneak off and
      change into someone or something else.

      Some chose to change into mythical beasts, historical characters or
      even deities. While some chose to impersonate someone they knew in
      the SCA, or to be the embodiment of a pun or joke. Really, the sky
      was the limit, and the good gentles of those long-ago Changelings let
      their imaginations soar. We ask you to let your imagination take wing
      for this yearís Chieftains, as we bring back the Feast of the
      Changelings. Is it just a costume party? Well, sure, if you want to
      look at it that wayóbut a costume party SCA style!

      Why have we chosen to bring it back?

      For starters, it was fun. But the reason we brought it back this
      year, is because it really blends with the spirit of Mardi Gras and
      Carnivale that we chose as our theme for this yearís Chieftains. As
      the season of Lent drew nigh, the people of Christian Europe would
      hold festivals and celebrations. Lent is a time of fasting and
      sacrificeóMardi Gras is a time of indulgence and more indulgence.
      Masked parades, costumed balls and other such revelry were extremely
      popular. We hope you decide to join us in the fun, and come up with a
      clever costume or mask.

      Will there be prizes?

      Most certainly!! During the day your mask can be judged in our mask
      contest (although this contest is not restricted to masks that can
      actually be worn). And at feast, several prizes (in categories to be
      announced) will be given out for exceptional costumes.

      Is there any limit?

      Please remember that this is a family show. Any bawdiness must be
      subtle. Nothing that would get you arrested on a city street please.

      Are we looking forward to seeing the fruits of your imaginations?

      Heck yes!!!

      In the spirit of Mardi Gras,

      Hirsch and Meredydd

      Baron and Baroness Three Rivers
    • Christian Cepel (Bombadil)
      Just a fanticiful side note.... Yamaha has taken a page out of Apple s Imac book :) I just bought a Bonnnie Blue Translucent Soprano Yamaha Recorder :) I saw
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 14, 2001
        Just a fanticiful side note....

        Yamaha has taken a page out of Apple's Imac book :)

        I just bought a Bonnnie Blue Translucent Soprano Yamaha Recorder :)

        I saw green, red, there as well :)

        Hey why not. Verbatim's making 700mb cd's after the same stylin' now too.

        So. Is a Bonnie Blue Recorder period? :)

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