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Fw: [SCA-Dance] Call for Teachers--KWDMS 9 (June 21-24, 2012; Columbus, Ohio)

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  • Mary Railing
    This call for classes was sent to the SCA dance list, but I want to bring it to the attention of kingdom lists as well. Note that this is a Dance *and Music*
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      This call for classes was sent to the SCA dance list, but I want to bring it to the attention of kingdom lists as well. Note that this is a Dance *and Music* Symposium. Music classes are not limited to dance music. Past topics have included period notions of rhythm, period vocal technique, an instrument "petting zoo", etc. This is also a good venue for theoretical topics like the politics of dancing, the connections between dancing and fencing, etc.


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      Subject: [SCA-Dance] Call for Teachers--KWDMS 9 (June 21-24, 2012; Columbus, Ohio)

      Unto the dance enthusiasts of the Known World, I send greetings!

      This missive stands as the Official Call for Teachers for the Ninth
      Known World Dance and Music Symposium. The event is hosted by the
      Barony of Middle Marches, and will be held Thursday, June 21, through
      Sunday, June 24, in Columbus, Ohio. As the primary coordinator for the
      European Dance division, I invite you to send class and lecture
      proposals dealing with the topic of dancing in Europe before the year
      1652 C.E. Newer teachers are most welcome to submit proposals; feel
      free to e-mail if you have questions or concerns. Please send a brief
      paragraph detailing what your proposed classes will entail, thinking
      about necessary prerequisites, the strenuousness of the class, and the
      names of dances that will be taught, if applicable. If you're
      absolutely certain that you want to teach, an early proposal
      submission is best. Teaching slots are limited, and I would like for a
      wide variety of teachers to be able to contribute.

      Deadlines for KWDMS 9:

      January 15th, 2012: Class proposals due.

      March 1st, 2012: Compendium materials due. (We are doing a serious
      printed book, compiled by an editor, for the compendium, and it would
      be a great souvenir to have your work in print. Please do your best to
      get your materials in on time to avoid missing out on this

      March 7th, 2012: Pre-registration opens.

      May 7th, 2012: Pre-registration closes.

      Event Details:

      The event will feature open dancing on Thursday night, full tracks of
      classes on Friday and Saturday, and a shortened track on Sunday. The
      Friday evening ball will be antiquity themed, based on the story of
      Antony and Cleopatra. There will be a costume contest, and dancers
      interested in getting a bit more festive can wear either clothing from
      antiquity or what people in the later periods *thought* people wore
      during antiquity. We will also have a cocktail hour on an outdoor
      patio prior to this revel.

      For a totally different feel, Saturday evening's revel will feature a
      full-scale court masque titled "The Masque at Coleorton, or, The
      Farewell to Faeries," complete with a forced prospective set based on
      Inigo Jones's original designs. The masque will be broken up into
      pieces over the evening, with the dancers attending the ball becoming
      an impromptu chorus in the show. There will also be 18 slightly more
      involved chorus roles (3 separate choruses of fairies, women, and men)
      in the show, and these roles will be cast earlier during the event,
      likely on Friday. If you'd like to be a chorus performer (dance, plus
      nonverbal acting), there will be a class for you to attend on Friday
      and/or Saturday. (For those who are strictly interested in the regular
      dancing on Saturday night, I assure you that there will still be the
      same amount of dancing you would normally expect from a ball. The
      masque, in its entirety, runs about 20 minutes and will be broken up
      over the evening. The acting sections will essentially serve as breaks
      between sets.)

      Finally, Sunday afternoon will include a Caroso Ball featuring the
      amazing tunes of Istanpita. It'll be a great time, even while you
      aren't dancing!

      For more information, check out http://www.kwdms9.com

      I look forward to hearing from many of you soon, and as always, good
      dancing to you!

      The Honorable Lady Felice Debbage
      Barony of Middle Marches
      Middle Kingdom
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