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Call for Teachers: The Bellewode Heraldric, Scribal and Dance Symposium

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  • Justin Crouch (Leonardus O)
    It s coming up, April 9th. The one time of year (well this year) that Bellewode opens it s gate and invites the Kingdom
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      <<Sorry for more than one received >>

      It's coming up, April 9th.
      The one time of year (well this year) that Bellewode opens it's gate
      and invites the Kingdom and her visitors into the college to learn
      college-y stuff. Or more importantly Heraldric, Scribal and Dance-y

      However, we have one issue...teachers. Not an issue with them
      personally, just we don't have many. So we are asking the Kingdom
      populace if they have any classes they would like to teach the rest of
      the Kingdom. Classes can be of any difficulty level, and for any of
      the three available themes, as specific or general as you would like

      Class blocks will start on the hour for an hour, starting at 9:00am
      going through till 4pm, with a break from 12 to 1 for lunch, and the
      last class starting at 3. If a class is two hours long, just note in
      response and we will mark it on the schedule.

      Send an email to me, Leonardus, with the following information if you
      would like to teach.
      Your SCA Name
      Class Name
      Class Description
      Difficulty (if any)
      Preferred time (or AM/PM)
      Length of Class
      And if you need anything special such as projectors, electricity,
      extra tables/chairs, if you will need one of the larger rooms for

      If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me an email.

      Thanks so much, and Yours in Song and Service,
      Leonardus O
      jwc1686 @ truman.edu
      504.233.2733 (No calls after 12:00a)

      Bellewode Symposium Site Page

      di vos incolumes custodiant

      For Kingdom, For Brothers, For Lovers, it is for these that I fight.
      It is for them that I die.
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