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Dance Set List For An Evening Of Dance (Formerly Crystal Ball 2010)

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  • Julian O Neill
    Alphia posted the final dance set list for The Event Formerly Known As Crystal Ball 2010 (now officially known as An Evening Of Dance in Shattered
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2010
      Alphia posted the final dance set list for "The Event Formerly Known As
      Crystal Ball 2010" (now officially known as "An Evening Of Dance in
      Shattered Crystal").

      The event will be held at Turkey Hill Grange (1375 East State Route 15,
      Belleville, Illinois) on December 11th, 2010 (opposite of Kris Kinder).
      The site fee is "a charitable food donation. Non-perishables and canned
      foods. One per person to enter site. There is a choice of a non
      perishable food donation or a hygiene product. Like disposable razors,
      shampoo, soap. There is a drugstore across from the site if you for get
      to bring them." More information is available at:

      The plain text version of the final dance set list is included below:

      Crystal Ball XXVI [Editor's Note: The actual title for this event is now
      "An Evening of Dance in Shattered Crystal"]
      Ball List 2010

      First Set
      1. Entrée Courante
      2. Scot’s Branle
      3. Herald’s in Love
      4. Contrapasso in Due
      5. My Lady Cullen
      6. John Tallow’s Cannon
      7. Gracca Amorosa
      8. Jenny Pluck Pears
      9. Mannschaft Pavan
      10. Quen Quer Que

      Second Set
      1. Black Alman
      2. Horse Branle
      3. Picking of Sticks
      4. Rosti Boli
      5. Le Bens Distonys
      6. Newcastle
      7. Official Branle
      8. Posties Jig
      9. Sellingers Round
      10. Korabushka
      Desert Revel after 2nd Set

      Third Set
      1. Carolingian Pav & Gall.
      2. Charlotte Branle
      3. Hyde Park
      4. Gelosia
      5. Black Nag
      6. New Alman
      7. Petit Vriens
      8. Mairi’s Wedding
      9. Heart’s Ease
      10. Hole in the Wall

      Saturday Night Sunday Morn will be danced at Midnight – whenever that
      falls [Editor's Note: Midnight usually falls half way through the Third

      [Editor's Note: Live music traditionally ends here, after the conclusion
      of the Third Set]

      Fourth Set
      1. German March
      2. Maltese Branle
      3. Upon a Summer’s Day
      4. Salterello la Regina
      5. Laendler
      6. Lorayne Alman
      7. Dashing White Sgt
      8. Whirligig
      9. Gratiosa
      10. Nonesuch
      11. Female Sailor

      Fifth Set
      1. Earl of Salisbury
      2. Montard
      3. Gathering Peascods
      4. Bassa Lauro
      5. Road to the Isles
      6. Washerwoman’s Branle
      7. Spanish Pavan
      8. Chesnut
      9. Troika
      10. Boatman
      11. Candlestick Branle

      Sixth Set
      1. Earl of Essex
      2. Pease Branle
      3. Rufty Tufty
      4. Villanella
      5. Angus Reel
      6. Brawl of War
      7. Scotch Cap
      8. Franchoise Novelle
      9. Grimstock
      10. Mdm Sosilia’s Alman
      11. Moonshine

      [Editor's Note: Audience selected "pick up" dancing generally occurs
      after the conclusion of the Final (Sixth) Set]
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