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Fwd: Virus info

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  • Phoebe of Korinthos
    ... «:*´`´`*:»§«.»§«:*´`´`*:».«:*´`´`*:»§«.»§«:*´`´`*:».«:*´`´`*:» ìÝóá õðçñåóßá åéò üíåéñï Phoebe of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2000
      >If I am cross posting i am sorry. I don't think i got the
      >virus but i have found out a little bit about what it looks
      >like. A very nice lady on one of my e-mail lists informed
      >us that she was not sending attatachments to us so if we
      >got one to delete it. Thank goodness e-groups is so far
      >behind, i got her letter hours before i got anything with
      >attachments from her. So i did not open the virus. Anyway,
      >when i got the e-mail i looked it over to see what it had
      >on it. Here goes...
      >no name from sender- just the e-mail address
      >all 3 copies i got were 26k
      >no message from sender (always type something!)
      >the subject is blank or (unknown)
      >the file listed as I_am_sorry.DOC.pif
      > From what i understand Norton antivirus has found this one
      >and been able to "catch" it. And if you have gotten it, I
      >think the fix is also at norton. www.norton.com
      >Finally, whoever you have gotten it from Let Them Know!!!
      >They more than likely don't know...
      >Hope I have helped to keep anybody from getting it, thanks
      >Vik, you helped me..
      >I have a web page! Visit it, I make changes often!
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