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Answers to Master Conrad's Questions

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  • Christopher Mortika
    Master Conrad, I m makin up most of this. There s lot of people in atendance who are smarter than me on the topic of SCA dance balls, and I m trying not to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2010
      Master Conrad,

      I'm makin' up most of this. There's lot of people in atendance who are
      smarter than me on the topic of SCA dance balls, and I'm trying not to carve
      too much in stone.

      The objective of the first set is to make it welcoming for new dancers and
      non-dancers who are game to try something new. I'd wager that everybody
      here has spoken with people who've said that dance is too difficult to
      learn, and the most articulate of them have observed that, as soon as they
      think they've more-or-less gotten the hang of one dance, the ball moves on
      to another. They're always *learning* the current dance, and never
      *dancing*. So, I assembled the first set with the intent to include dances
      of simple to moderate complexity, that allowed people to meet one another,
      and that continued on long enough so that new feet on the floor could get
      the hang of a dance, and there would still be some of it left to do.

      Black Almain - repeat the dance
      ** Repeat how? Traditional is to have 4 continuous repeats of the pattern
      done as one dance

      Four times is fine. I've also seen it with only two.

      Black Nag - emphasize the rules of English Country, repeat the dance
      ** This one goes well either just once or 3 times, with couples switching
      position each time

      Either twice, or three times.

      Rufty Tufty - same rules in a new dance, repeat the dance
      ** this dance involves a lot of spinning, if done a my preferred tempo,
      repeating it may end up with many dizzy dancers

      Then let's do it twice, at your tempo the second time.

      Sellinger's Round - likewise
      ** 3 verses or 4?

      Everybody dances this with four verses. (It may be the case, as Mistress
      Katriana asserts, that everyone is wrong. If so, we'll continue the
      tradition of being wrong.)

      Bizzaria d'Amore
      ** unless we have a class during the day, this would need to be taught, a
      quick run through is a 5 minute minimum, probably closer to 10

      I don't know that there'll be time or space for formal classes during the
      day. In a nod to the dance community, not everything in the first set needs
      to be simple, tedious, or English. Bizzaria might just end up danced
      without preamble, or a short reminder for people who already know it.
      That's okay, too.

      ly bens distonys
      **Short or long (referring to the length of each repeat)?

      We'll have guests from Northshield, but they don't dance ly bens, so we
      should follow common Calontir custom.

      ** again? It's in the second set; perhaps with the ladies active?

      No, that's my mistake. As Lady Azenari observes, this set is long anyways,
      and doesn't need another dose of Gelosia. Having said that, I don't see any
      reason the dance in the second set couldn't be repeated with the women

      ** It might be preferable to end with something more people know and a
      couple dance for the last one of the evening, move Rostiboli Goioioso to the
      last dance?

      Sounds good to me.

      **What type of area will the dance be held in with what type of lighting.
      The dances in the last set that need to be taught have footwork that will be
      difficult to see in a dark environment.
      I'm not sure. I believe we'll end up in a lit, covered pavillion-type area.


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