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Re: [CalontirDance] Gulf Wars Performing Artists

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Thanks for this awesome update, Hanne! It s nice to live vicariously through others when I can t travel. :) Hurray for all the wonderful music and dance going
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 24, 2010
      Thanks for this awesome update, Hanne! It's nice to live vicariously through
      others when I can't travel. :)

      Hurray for all the wonderful music and dance going on among the Calontiri!


      On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 3:32 PM, johnoffd <johnoffd@...> wrote:

      > My second Gulf wars was wonderful. Such a bardic high. There were so many
      > things going on, it seems impossible to keep track of all. But I wanted to
      > share with you on the Performing Arts participation this war. Calontir was
      > well represented and enjoyed.
      > There were 2 A&S competitions.
      > Azenari danced (Hanne as partner) her redaction and presented her research
      > on a 16th C Italian dance, Lovely Nymph
      > Hanne Abendschein performed her Old French and English piece from Song of
      > Roland (received a judge's choice award)
      > Three Rivers & Champaigne Players (Kajsa, Ravasz, Logan, Helena) presented
      > German play "The Pregnant Farmer" at 3 different venues (received a judge's
      > choice award)
      > Warbard Tourney.
      > Inspired by Ingeborg's Estrella plan, and with support from their
      > Majesties, Hanne organized/arranged for the Calontir contingent to sing Song
      > of the Shield Wall as the initial entry for the Warbard Tourney. With over
      > 60 people lifting our voices we easily won the award for highest kingdom
      > participation. (The prize was 3 6-pks of S beer. With Calontir being the
      > beer snobs we are, there were still 2 packs left the next day)
      > Calontir also had 3 individual entries for Warbard.
      > Blackleg Gilman submitted his poem "I Love My Kingdom", read by Hanne
      > Wilhajmr Half-troll sang his song "I Live for Calontir"
      > Dolan Madoc regaled us with the story of Sheridan's Breach
      > Christian d'Hiver led/taught Noontime Singing (period multi-part music) on
      > 4 days
      > Constantia and Lucia provided mood music all day at Archery field on
      > Calontir's sponsored day.
      > Christian, Constantia and Lucia particiapated in orchestra for various
      > evening Dances
      > Green Dragon sponsored the Bardic Press Gang (performers by invitation
      > only)
      > Calontir was proud to have Dorcas, Dolan, Simonetta, Rhodri and Christian
      > d'Hiver pour out their souls to us.
      > And then of course was nightly singing and stories under the Purple
      > Pavilion and various other encampments.
      > Yours in Service,Song and Dance
      > Hanne Abendschein

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