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Re: [CalontirDance] Attention Musicians: Bellewode Event

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Thanks for the info, Kasha! I think the ball sounds like it s going to be a lot of fun, and I m really looking forward to it. See everyone there! Conna ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 30, 2009
      Thanks for the info, Kasha! I think the ball sounds like it's going to be a
      lot of fun, and I'm really looking forward to it.

      See everyone there!

      On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 2:46 PM, pitykelfin <pitykelfin@...> wrote:

      > Hello, everyone!
      > I know the dancers have already discussed this, but I wanted to extend a
      > formal invitation to all musicians.
      > The Bellewode Symposium will take place on April 4th in Kirksville.
      > There will be a handful of music classes and ball rehearsal during the
      > day. In the evening, there will be a ball. We are having an open pit,
      > and I want to invite you all to play with me--I would love to have
      > everyone who wants to participate!
      > The ball is Caroso-style, so we need to be prepared to play a large
      > number of pieces. I think most people know most of these pieces
      > already, so we will use the afternoon rehearsal to go over trouble
      > spots. If you know ahead of time that a piece will probably give us
      > some difficulty, please make note of it and let me know--if I know what
      > people will want to work on, I can plan the rehearsal better. If you
      > don't want to prepare all 45 pieces, just prepare the ones you like, and
      > play with me on those.
      > I will have music available at the event, but I would appreciate it if
      > you would please bring whatever music you already have.
      > Here is the finalized ball list:
      > 1. Amoroso (Al Cofrin)
      > 2. Anello (Al Cofrin)
      > 3. Balletto Bizzaria d'Amore (M. T. Chen)
      > 4. Ballo del Fiore (Kathy Van Stone/Elsbeth Anne Roth)
      > 5. Black Almain (Al Cofrin)
      > 6. Black Nag (Al Cofrin)
      > 7. Carolingian Pavane (Al Cofrin)
      > 8. Cascarda da Gracca Amorosa (Steven Hendricks)
      > 9. Cassandre Bransle (melody only, in GM/em)
      > 10. Charlotte Bransle (Russell G. Almond)
      > 11. Chestnut (Steven Hendricks)
      > 12. Confesse (Steven Hendricks)
      > 13. Contrapasso in Due (Dragon Scale Consort--Eric Browning)
      > 14. La Franchoise Nouvelle (Sion Andreas o Wynedd/Ian Engle)
      > 15. Gathering Peascods (Al Cofrin)
      > 16. Gelosia (Steven Hendricks)
      > 17. Grimstock (Steven Hendricks)
      > 18. Heart's Ease (Al Cofrin)
      > 19. Heralds in Love (Al Cofrin)
      > 20. Horses Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 21. Hyde Park (Steven Hendricks)
      > 22. Jenny Pluck Pears (Steven Hendricks)
      > 23. Lovers' Braid (I composed this for a dance Ermenrich wrote;
      > it's not super-difficult)
      > 24. Ly Bens Distonys (Dragon Scale Consort--Eric Browning)
      > 25. Maltese Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 26. Montarde Bransle (Steven Hendricks)
      > 27. My Lady Cullen (Steven Hendricks)
      > 28. New New Nothing (I arranged this from Playford; it's also not
      > very difficult)
      > 29. Nonesuch (Al Cofrin, in Am)
      > 30. Official Bransle (Robert Stockton)
      > 31. Pease Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 32. Petit Riens (Monica Cellio)
      > 33. Piantone (for this dance, we're using Cantiga 119 in D dorian; I
      > don't know the arranger)
      > 34. Picking of Sticks (Al Cofrin: Lavena/Picking of Sticks in dm/DM)
      > 35. Queen's Alman (Al Cofrin: we can do this in Dm or Gm, whichever
      > you all prefer)
      > 36. Quen Quer Que (Al Cofrin)
      > 37. Rostiboli Gioioso (John Chandler)
      > 38. Rufty Tufty (Al Cofrin)
      > 39. Scotch Cap (Steven Hendricks)
      > 40. Sellenger's Round (Al Cofrin)
      > 41. Tangle Bransle (Al Cofrin)
      > 42. Upon a Summer's Day (Al Cofrin)
      > 43. Villanelle Balletto d'Incerto (Kathy Van Stone/Elsbeth Anne
      > Roth)
      > 44. War Bransle (Dave Rubin)
      > 45. Washerwoman's Bransle (Steven Hendricks)
      > Thank you very much for your time and attention. I hope to see you at
      > Bellewode. Please feel free to email me, to speak to me in person (I'll
      > be at Coronation this weekend), or to reply to this post if you have any
      > questions.
      > Sincerely,
      > Iia Kasha Alekseeva
      > P.S. I've also had requests for Burgundian Bransle, Cuckolds All A Row,
      > Half Hannigan, If All the World Were Paper, Kempp's Jeg, New Alman, and
      > Parson's Farewell, but I don't have the music for any of them. If you
      > would like to dance one of them (or something else), and you have a copy
      > of the sheet music (even just the tune), you can bring it to the
      > Bellewode event, and I will see how difficult it is to sightread. I
      > personally am willing to play anything I am able to play, but I wanted
      > to limit the number of pieces that everyone has to prepare, so... But!
      > After the ball is over, if you want to keep dancing, I'll keep playing
      > for you. :)

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    • lucia_b3r
      Kasha, your plans for this weekend s event sound great! I m really looking forward to both playing and attending some fantastic-sounding classes. I also
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 2, 2009
        Kasha, your plans for this weekend's event sound great! I'm really looking forward to both playing and attending some fantastic-sounding classes.

        I also wanted to let you folks know that I'm planning to work on- and hopefully publish the Lilies Dance & Music webpages next week. (Here's a url for last year's site so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about: http://calontir.sca.org/lilieswar/lilies22/MusicDance/cmd_home.html ) If you're planning to run any classes, please copy me on the info. (By the way, this mean *in addition to* submitting the classes to HM Arial via the on-line form.) Rowan and Christian, may I ask you for photos so people will know who to look for, for info about dance and the Monday evening ball?

        If anyone has any questions about the webpages, please look me up at the event this weekend.

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