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Re: [CalontirDance] Ball Report: Festival of Maidens

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  • Conna
    WOW--That sounds like a terrific event!! Thanks for telling us about it. Conna ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2009
      WOW--That sounds like a terrific event!! Thanks for telling us about it.

      On Monday, February 2, 2009, at 02:04 PM, Chris Mortika wrote:

      > This past weekend, the Shire of Wulm Wald (Champaign-Urbana IL)
      > hosted a ball at the Festival of Maidens. Mistress A was in charge
      > of the dancing, and Ladies Francesca and Lucia of Musica Subterranea
      > were in charge of the musicians.
      > The band comprised two violins; a viola; two 'cellos; two fellows,
      > both of whom were switching back and forth between hammered
      > dulcimer, guitar, recorder, and percussion; a young lady on
      > mandolin; two soprano recorders; and an alto recorder. Everybody
      > was on their best game, and we sounded fantastic. (The university
      > put two overhead mics up in front of the band, which were very
      > sensitive, and helped us fill the ballroom.)
      > There were many new dancers, and quite a few U of I students who
      > just walked in to see what the activity was on a Saturday evening.
      > So most dances needed to be taught, and tempos were a little slower
      > than usual.
      > The sets:
      > Carolingian Pavan and Galliard
      > Maltese Branle (which started slow, got a little faster, and then
      > stablized; a very good plan)
      > Heart's Ease
      > Salterello la Regina
      > Heralds in Love (the only non-Musica Subterranea arrangement;
      > Avatar's)
      > Scotish Branle
      > Rostiboli Gioioso (for those musicians familiar with the John
      > Chandler arrangement I've distributed; the Musica Subterranea
      > arrangement is a bridge between it and some other arrangements.)
      > Newcastle
      > Horse Branle
      > Gelosia (The MS arrangement shifts from 4/4 to 6/8 for the skippy
      > parts, which the dancers seemed to appreciate)
      > Korabushka (12 times through the dance, as I recall; again, it sped
      > up, but not to an extreme)
      > (a 45-minute break between sets; did I mention there was a cash bar?)
      > Hole in the Wall
      > Official Branle
      > Upon a Summer's Day
      > Gracca Amorosa
      > Sellingers Round
      > Petit Vriens
      > Black Alman
      > John Tallow's Canon
      > Amoroso (the short version: part A only twice, and not repeating the
      > last section)
      > Jenny Pluck Pears
      > Female Sailor
      > The ball began around 8:30 and finished three hours later.

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