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994Re: [CalontirDance] YAY DANCE!!

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  • ChazCon
    Apr 27, 2008
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      Good GOD Emelye!!!
      Great FREAKIN' JOB!!!
      And how crazy fortunate to get to use a real dance studio. And, you know, that is SOME dedication, learning dances off of YouTube to teach to your group.
      Way to GO!
      Constantia Innocenti
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      From: Becky Buchanan
      To: Calontir Dance
      Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 8:34 AM
      Subject: [CalontirDance] YAY DANCE!!

      Last night, we had a great time at our first Mag Mor Dance Night. It was really fun. We had 6 people there. Several others wanted to come, but couldn't due to illness, working at the last minute, or school obligations. I think we'll have a lot more people in two weeks. Sara Sophia did an outstanding job teaching Carolingian Pavane. A member of our Barony, Iahan, owns a beautiful dance studio and generously offered us his studio for bi-weekly dance practice.

      Murdoch and I taught Horse's Bransle. We learned it via a combo of the Crystal Ball mini-dance book and a You Tube video of people dancing at Pennsic to Wolgemut. However, the video helped because I was able to say, "Oh that's what the Crystal Ball instructions mean by 'paw!' " Who knows what I would have come up without that visual aid!

      We are planning to have more dance at Crown Tourney - time of day is not yet determined. Tsire said she would be available to help us learn some new dances, which will be fabulous. Maybe we can get through Tsire's top 10 Catch and Release dances? Or, at least the top 5? I'm a beginner. (-:

      Hope to see you in Mag Mor next weekend!


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