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991Re: [CalontirDance] Re: Troika & Other dances sent to the farm

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  • 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
    Apr 24, 2008
      She's my heroin too. Seeing her and Delric tonight was a real shot in
      the arm... A real pick me up. I was jonesin' bad, and I got my fix.
      Oh wait. You said heroine. My bad.

      Lady Neathery of Safita wrote:
      > I got just my digest of the conversation and I want to say I love you
      > guys! I am so glad that we are having this discussion and Tsire ..
      > you are absolutely my heroine!!!
      > Neathery
      > ------------------------------------
      > Yahoo! Groups Links


      // Merry

      'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
      Shire of Standing Stones; Formerly: Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      Christian M. Cepel --- 573.999.2370 --- Columbia, MO
      http://Thistledowne.org/ http://ShireOfStandingStones.org/
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      'Toirdhealbhach' anglicized Tirloughe (1576), modernly 'Turlough',
      pronounced 'TIR' or 'TUR' + 'low', 'logh', 'lock', or 'loch'
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