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  • 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
    Apr 23, 2008
      Word for the day: Bransle

      Task: List all the spellings you've seen over the years.

      Subtask: Group into 'valid spellings' and 'what the heck? spellings'.

      Subtask: Order each group by best, most correct, most often seen to
      worst, least correct, rare.

      Subtask: Justify your classifications and rankings.

      Final task: Enjoy my little story about feast at Spring Spears this
      year. Our server brought out a lovely dish of green peas and told us,
      "Now, there's only one per table so you will have to share." I quipped,
      "If we don't and get in a fight over them, would it be considered a
      'Pease Bransle'?". She must have known what I was talking about because
      she gave me a look and then nearly upended them on my head.


      // Merry

      'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
      Shire of Standing Stones; Formerly: Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      Christian M. Cepel --- 573.999.2370 --- Columbia, MO
      http://Thistledowne.org/ http://ShireOfStandingStones.org/
      ICQ:12384980 YIM/AOL:Bramblethorne MSN:Merry@ShireOfS.....

      'Toirdhealbhach' anglicized Tirloughe (1576), modernly 'Turlough',
      pronounced 'TIR' or 'TUR' + 'low', 'logh', 'lock', or 'loch'
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