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  • Eridani Aurus
    Apr 23, 2008
      It was Master Octavio who was largely responsible for
      the fact that no Trimarian knows any out of period
      dancing. This was not because he browbeat Korabushka
      out of anyone, it was just that no one in the Kingdom
      remembered how to dance. Because he wanted to play
      for dance, he had to teach some people how to dance.
      Now that he has done that, and he saw no reason to
      teach any controversial dances, he can play music
      again. I am his apprentice.

      So, here's my diplomatic difficulty. I know nothing
      of the corpus of out of period dances. Having no
      attachment to them, I am not inclined to put them on
      dance sets though I am not insensitive to the desires
      of people to dance their favorites. I am coordinating
      Gulf Wars dance next year. I realize that over a
      series of years this has been carefully negotiated at
      Pennsic but I'm not sure where the Gulf Wars dance
      community is on this.

      How endangered will my life be next March?
      (By the way, if you are going to GW and would like to
      teach a class, let me know.)


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