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978RE: [CalontirDance] Troika & Other dances sent to the farm

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    Apr 23, 2008
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      Thanks everybody. Your responses are like the hug you need when the day sneaks up and jumps you for your spare change. I get flustered sometimes. I'm emotional, connected and passionate. This has it's notably good and bad points.

      Constantia - wahoo go Calontir street cred!

      Yes Christian, it does baffle me. I have this unshakable belief that I'm talking to rational people, and that all people are trustworthy, and have basically good intentions. This gets me into trouble often. I'm just not the cynic I need to be. :)

      One of the things that got my attention was Ermenrich saying he didn't know for 2 years that some dances weren't period. (It's the reason that we did Dance Jeopardy this year) To quote GI Joe "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle" Lack of awareness is one of my biggest frustrations and why I'm so vocal about period dance. I remember being devastated when I began to learn about which dances were and weren't period. I did not learn this in a nice way. Since then I have worked hard to make other people's experience with dance nicer and more fun. I don't deride, I try to inform and I hope it works. Less devastation, more dancey boing!
      If we 'catch em' early and get period dance into their repertoire then they'll be telling me that they'll do Piantone, Villanella, or Confesse at their wedding instead. I fully believe that of the first 5 dances you learn, 2 will become your lifetime favorites. If the first five you learn are period dances, then the ones you'll be begging to do will be period dances....easy, peasy, done. We'll be doing the dances they love and no one feels 'robbed of fun'. It's the dancer catch and release program!

      Tsire (the apparently long winded)

      Back to work after baby�how do you know when you�re ready?

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