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961Turning in the Pavan

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  • Eridani Aurus
    Apr 21, 2008
      In Arbeau
      "Sometimes, the hall is so thronged with a multitude
      of guests that the space for dancing is limited and
      therefore when you near the end of the room you are
      faced with two alternatives, either you, and the
      damsel with whom you are dancing, must move backwards
      or you must make a conversion....you continue to guide
      the damsel forward while you yourself move backwards
      as she advances until you are facing in the opposite
      direction from which you started. ...In my opinion,
      it is better to make the conversion, in order that the
      damsel may always see where she is going. Because if
      she were to meet with some mishap while going
      backwards, she might fall, a mishap for which you
      would receive blame and suffer a rapid decline from
      her good graces. And so, it seems to me this practice
      should always be followed in the pavan when one wishes
      to take two or three turns around the room."
      pg 58 Orcheseography by Thoinot Arbeau trans Mary
      Stewart Evans

      Thanks Be to Dover Publishing!!!!
      Eridani Aureaus

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