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941Question about Scotland the Brave.

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  • 'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
    Mar 28, 2008
      I've been monitoring a bit of a debate about period dances on another
      list and it reminded me to ask a question I've had for a long while
      regarding this tune/dance. People keep telling me that the tune itself
      is ancient and that the words and title are the modern elements of the
      thing (I haven't the foggiest notion where the dance... i.e., the steps
      and such fall in this realm), and I've maintained for many years that
      the tune and name both cannot be documented back previous to the 20th
      century (or possibly the 19th on the same reasoning that print and
      publishing always follows composition by some period of variable duration).

      I included the research I found many years ago when I notated the
      version our band uses here:
      http://bcfdpipesanddrums.com/tunes/ScotlandTheBrave.pdf The citing of
      it as being part of several traditions suggests that it may have perhaps
      appeared in tradition long before appearing in print, but not in any
      conclusive way as it could have just as easily come to these traditions
      as a modern tune.

      If this information is incorrect, I'd like to update both the music on
      that site and my own mind.

      It's subtitled on my music as "Road to the Isles". Is this an
      alternative name, or perhaps the name of the dance itself?

      Also wondering... is this tune in the public domain? I assume by the
      dates listed in my research that it is, but I've been learning _not_ to
      assume, but to ask.

      While the tune itself is not so very Tin Pan Alley-esque, the lyric
      certainly is (though many date TPA as ending before 1950), and as such
      I've always had a very strong dislike for the tune only because having
      TPA songs figure so prominently in the music the pipe band is expected
      to play irritates me on some deep level (I need to get over it). Songs
      such as Danny Boy, Flower of Scotland, and Mull of Kintyre (yes... not
      TPA, but still.... I actually ran across music that listed this tune,
      composed in 1977/1978 by His Nibs, Master Paul McCartney that was listed
      as "Traditional".... oh the travails of music copyright.... and folks
      trying to get around it either through ignorance or design)

      Thanks in advance.


      // Merry

      'Merry' Toirdhealbhach Mirywoder Lutre
      Shire of Standing Stones; Formerly: Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      Christian M. Cepel --- 573.999.2370 --- Columbia, MO
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      'Toirdhealbhach' anglicized Tirloughe (1576), modernly 'Turlough',
      pronounced 'TIR' or 'TUR' + 'low', 'logh', 'lock', or 'loch'
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