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  • 'Merry' Tirloghe Mirywoder Lutre
    Oct 22, 2007
      I expect this has been brought up before, but I stumbled across this and
      it's marvelous.




      // Merry

      "Merry" Tirloghe Mirywoder Lutre
      Shire of Standing Stones, University of Missouri at Columbia
      Formerly known as Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
      Mundanely known as Christian M. Cepel
      http://Thistledowne.org/ http://ShireOfStandingStones.org/

      'Toirdhealbhach' anglicized Tirloughe (1576), modernly 'Turlough',
      pronounced 'TIR' or 'TUR' + 'low', 'logh', 'lock', or 'loch'