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885Help creating a dance list.

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  • 'Merry' Turlough Meriwether Lutre
    Aug 28, 2007
      Cross posting to try to reach the largest knowledge base possible.

      Our shire had a demo last night and I was told by many people that they
      were really happy to have me playing mandolin & alto & tenor recorders
      in the background while they did their A&S display and then Fighting

      It got me thinking and I need some help. [ I usually need help with
      thinking *grin*]

      I'm having difficulty getting our music group back up and running this
      new semester, and dance has been regretfully nearly dead since Seonaid
      went away *cry*. I'm thinking this endeavor might kill two birds with
      one stone in that it may also get people energized for both of these
      activities again.

      The endeavor:

      How cool would it be to have two or three dances worked up that only
      require two couples or four singles. With live music, with at least two
      instruments playing in harmony/counterpoint, it would be wonderful. I
      expect I could talk another member or two into learning the soprano
      parts of a couple of dances for this purpose leaving me the harmony.

      The dances would need to have the following requirements I am thinking:

      1. Able to be danced with a low turnout ( 2 couples or 4 singles, etc.
      We have perhaps this many in a core group that is diligent to attend
      most demos and such).

      2. Able to be danced in poor venues (we can't always be blessed with a
      ballroom to dance in).

      3. Simple, both for our shire members in learning for the initial group
      and in picking up the dances if perhaps we end up with 3 singles, or 1.5
      couples or similar.

      3.1 Simple so that we might invite the public to join us. We'd have
      cheat sheets printed with the steps so that any of our core group would
      be able to 'call/teach' the steps.

      3.2 A dance that would allow audience participation.

      4. It's gotta look super cool and fit people's stereotypes of medieval
      music and dance (Loosely.. I realize the importance of authenticity,
      but also the importance of doing something that the audience can relate
      to and not be turned off by.)

      5. They have to be non-acrobatic, non-contact. No tossing of Duchesses
      and the like, and perhaps it's best to limit physical contact to
      touching of hands and forearms. These could be children of either
      gender and they can't be expected to throw people around even if they
      realize that it's largely stylized and that the Duchess does a good
      percentage of the tossing. Also height & weight differences would be a
      consideration. Finally, keeping physical contact between adults and
      children need to be absolutely appropriate and obviously above board.

      6. It would be beneficial if we had a history/genre/style description of
      the dance/music/steps/etc that could be read off ahead of time to
      provide education and evoke interest. It would also underscore the fact
      that we are an academic re-enactment group and not just a bunch of
      freaks (the public's word, not mine... to each their own), who like to
      dress up and 'pretend' they ride dragons and cast spells.

      So... I'd welcome suggestions of a tune list. I'd really like to have
      a minimum of three and would be very happy with four.
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