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884Fwd: Calling all Musicians

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  • Julian Ó Néill
    Aug 14, 2007
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      This may be of interest to any musicians attending Courtly Love in


      ==== Forwarded message from selene1090@...: ====

      Calling all Musicians


      There will be a short ball (two sets of 5 or 6 dances) fallowing feast
      at Gryphon/Mammoth event and wile
      we can use Musicians in a box (aka CD player) it would be great to have
      live dance music. So if you would
      like, and are able to play for us at Courtly Love please e-mail me off
      list so I can see if we have enough people
      and can get input on dance selection.


      In Service


      P.S if you know of other Musicians not in the barony who
      might be coming to this kingdom level event please FW this e-mail on to

      ? my e-mail is Selene1090@...

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