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880Wolgemut/Music/Bagpipe workshops at Lilies

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  • ChazCon
    Jun 3, 2007
      Micha, the leader of the medieval style musical group, Wolgemut , (
      http://www.wolgemut.net/ ) will be at Lilies War this year! For anyone
      interested in playing or purchasing medieval style bagpipes or
      rauschpfiefes, here is a rare opportunity to learn from the best! Here is
      what he sent in a letter to me:

      "I will have several bagpipes for use for workshops as well as for sale.

      I also hope to have a few prototype Rauschpfeiffes for testing. I will
      also have some new music and arrangements for a Rauschpfeiffe workshop. I
      will need some assistance in getting the word out about the workshops. In
      addition to a Bagpipe and Rauschpfeiffe workshop, I'm also interested in
      holding a generic, Medieval Music jam workshop."

      You can be assured that if you buy an instrument from Micha, you will come
      away with a playable, in tune, well working instrument and a basic knowledge
      of how to start practicing - MUCH different than buying a set of pipes by
      mail order or from a store that can't even help you adjust a reed! Face it,
      how many of us have instruments at home that we bought and can't play -
      either because it's a faulty instrument, or the instrument needs some minor
      tweaking, or we just don't know where to start?

      For those of you who have heard only Conna and me play rauschpfiefes, come
      to a workshop with Micha and hear how they are really SUPPOSED to sound! The
      rauschpfeife is also somewhat adaptable to middleeastern style music too, by
      the way.

      I suspect that the "medieval music jam workshop" might involve other
      instruments as well(drums, strings, etc) but I have no information other
      than what I just posted from Micha. There are no set dates or times as yet.
      He will be arriving at Lilies on Monday or Tuesday, and staying through the
      week. Workshop times and days will be posted in the music tent on the battle
      field as soon as they are decided.

      Come and participate, or just sit in, on a workshop or two - this man is a
      gold mine of musical information! (He's pretty darn nice too.)

      See you at the music tent,

      Constantia Innocenti

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