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875Bellewode Symposium wrap-up

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  • Aldheim of Seven Oaks
    Apr 9, 2007
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      Hey all,

      Thank you to everyone who came up to Bellewode for the Symposium this past weekend! For the most part, everything ran very smoothly (which is almost certainly a reflection on the populace's coordination and forethought, and not the autocrat's... :-)), and pretty much all I've heard is that people had a great time!

      Of course, extra thanks go to everyone who volunteered to teach a class for us, even those who had issues come up that made their attendence impossible- the Symposium depends on teachers to exist, so Bellewode thanks you all heartily for volunteering. Incidentally, while I only really got to sit in on one or two classes, there were a LOT of them that I wish I could have taken; bravo!

      Also, Tsire put on a great ball for us, and wrangled up a bunch of gregariously rowdy musicians for it, and I can't thank her enough for that.

      In short: thanks to everyone who came to Bellewode's Symposium, and everyone here hopes to see you all again very soon!

      In service,

      -Lord Aldheim of Seven Oaks, no longer the autocrat!

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